[GUIDE] [2019] 🚀 Mobile Instagram Account Creation DONE RIGHT!


Hi guys and gals, This method is developed by me and I didn’t see it anywhere else! I’m kinda new to this forum but been doing IG botting for a year now.

In a span of a year, I had 50+ banned accounts, spent over 200$ in PVAs, wrong proxies, wrong settings, wrong niches. All thanks to wrong account creation, i used same ip all the time or used cheap proxies.

Today I will teach you how to create accounts for your Jarvee or GMT through your mobile device (Android phone)


You’ll need a:

  • Android Phone running version of Android higher than 4
  • SIM Card with Internet access (4G DATA PLAN)


1. You should have a rooted phone

If you don’t there is a handful of solutions:

  • Please post the name of your phone in comments, or go to youtube and search How to Root (Your Device)?
  • There is universal solution that may not work for all of you, its called KingoRoot, one click root solution, but your device may not be supported, you can download it from the link below
  • KingoRoot
  • You could go to your local mobile repair center and get it rooted there for around $20

To check if your phone is rooted go to Playstore and download RootChecker application
Click Check and see what you got


  1. I will give you a premium cracked version of this app because I’m good :smiley:
    App Cloner Apk
    With the free version you cannot do necessary things for this method to work so please use link above,
    I’ve uploaded a virus total check for scared ones out here
    Virus Total

When you install the app, you will be greeted with this screen!

Find Instagram in the app list and click on it!

Let’s dive right into options
Clone number - The number of apps you want to be cloned :slight_smile:
Name - Name of the cloned application, I will name mine Instagram 4G
You can change the appearance of the icon in the settings but it’s not that important

Let’s get to the good stuff

Scroll down and see the Modding section you’ll see Privacy options.

Incognito mode
Close the app via a notification and securely delete app data.

Pick Incognito mode, and Automatic (when leaving app).

Incognito keybord
Requests to disable keyboard typing history and personalized learning. This must be supported by the keyboard app, for example Google Gboard.

Change Android ID
Allows changing the Android ID reported to the cloned app. This also changes the hardware serial number.
Spoofs your Android ID and instagram can’t link you and created accounts

Hide or change your phone’s IMEI, MEID or ESN number in cloned apps. Hide or change the IMSI number in cloned apps.

Hide SIM&operator info
Instagram will think that you are using some blackhat sim or whatever!

Hide WiFI MAC Address
Just hide it :stuck_out_tongue: it will cover traces

Hide Bluetooth MAC address
It will cover traces

Randomize build props
It will cover traces!

That’s it for the application part!, You don’t need to touch anything else, justt clone it and wait a couple of minutes to finish, after that you will have cloned app in your phone


When you enter the new cloned application, disable Wi-Fi, turn on your mobile data and click Create New Account!

Always sign up with your freshly made email account, Create some emails at hotmail.com or mail.com or Gmail whatever you like!

Please do not use mail.ru or any other shitty mail, for Instagram that’s a sign of cheaply made account!

Proceed to create your IG account as you would, when you have created one account close the app from and delete it from RAM, it will delete all data from that app and give you fresh access for the next time.

You can create as many as you wish accounts using this method! Follow steps

1. When you have created atleast one, close the application and clear it from RAM
2. Turn on AirPlane mode on your phone!
3. Wait atleast 10 secs
4. Turn on Data once again
5. Go to cloned app and create one more!
REPEAT ALL DAY BABY! :money_mouth_face:

Closing words!
I want to contribute to this forum because it helped me so much and i want to give back, i would like to reach lvl2 so if you could smash that like button that would be great! Thanks! :slight_smile:

If something isn’t clear, English isn’t my primary language, sorry :), write your questions below!

Accounts disabled after creation
[ISSUE] Sign up error

Great guide!

Thank you so much for making it! I hope you will help a lot of people here to create great Instagram accounts using mobile phone!

I remember I was using App Cloner to create hundreds of Telegram accounts and it went pretty well!

My advice would be:
Instead of using App Cloner, install and reinstall Instagram APP using different Google accounts from App store for extra security :slight_smile:


Thanks @pow your guides are amazing here! :slight_smile:

I think this a little bit better because it changes your ids and anyways deletes all data from your Instagram app.


Thank you! Trying to give something valuable to the community as you do :slight_smile:
Yes, indeed it changes ID’s and wipes all data, but let’s not forget the thing that Instagram also tracks Google Advertising ID. AFAIK someone mentioned here on the forum to create accounts with new google accounts to have different Google Advertising ID’s, but your method would work wonders too!

Just my two cents :wink:



They could do that for extra security,

Just delete cloned and original application and download new apk from different gmail account and do all the steps the same as pow said, it can’t get better than this


Go and buy new phone everytime you want to create a new ig account :sweat_smile:


Haha :smiley:

Also, let’s not forget that cookies play important role in Instagram account. If new account has cookies, that’s even better!


Very nice guide indeed, good job! This will definitely help a lot of members who need to mass create Instagram accounts.


You just saved me so much time. Thank you <3<3


Great guide. I willl definitely try it out :hugs:


Nice guide! It’s good to see people making some new ones.


Is there proof that those crappy apps actually work? I have spoken to alot of people who knows what they are talking about and they say those apps only change/overwrite the imei number on the display off your phone. Its very hard to change the imei number becouse its hardcoded into the phones mobo.

The apps can just claim that they change the imei when they actually just change it on your display, becouse there is no whey of provning this unless you ask the carrier (not a good idea becouse its illegal in most countries)


@Emil App Cloner is very trusted app, it’s been downloaded over a million times, it changes IMEI number for that instagram app, it doesn’t change it for the whole device but just spoofs it for instagram. which is fine because instagram cannot know which is real, and they don’t have tools to check every little detail, honestly i haven’t seen better way do create ig accs

Maybe you are looking for something else for your particular case but this for ig works like a charm


Awesome guide! Thanks @SZarkic


Think about it, most countries law enforcemens agencies use these numbers to track people. Thats why you must write down your imei number on your passport or some kind if ID if you are going to move to another country. Thats why they hardcode it into the phones mobo in the first place. Its probably not that easy to change it with a app from a rooted Phone that you have no idea if it works or not


Yeah NSA will track you down
Hide now


Or see it this way, every Phone must have a Imei number. If you type in ”hide” in that app. Wouldnt that be very suspicious for instagram when it pops up that your Phone does not have a imei. that this app claims it does (hides your imei)


Awesome guide. Thanks for writing it!

  1. Does that cloner app spoof all footprints though that IG can detect?

  2. Are accounts you created with this method still alive and running good?


Most of the footprints yeah, but not all of them.



No problems

  1. Yeah for the most part, it has many more options for spoofing but im not using it as i find it, its not really necessary
  2. Yeah, everyday i create 3 accounts and load them in my jarvee file, rest them for 24hrs and than start with warmpup settings i wrote in another guide

No PVs or Bans, but im running white hat ecommerce + insta solution, don’t know for heavy botting and blackhat adult spamming


Iam going to report you to depositphotos for stealing their sh*t