[GUIDE] Automate FB Group and Page from IG Posts

This took me a bit to figure out, and since i couldn’t find posts on here for it, nor jarvee tutorials, I figured I’d share in case anyone else wants to do the same.

The WHAT: Creating facebook pages using content from IG, and reposting your FB Page content to niche groups.

The WHY: Traffic diversification, retention, and consistency. In short, IG and FB have some shared audiences, but also large portions who will find content from one or the other but not both. Meaning there is a lot of audience left out if you only use one. So I wanted to create a larger social platform for one of my niches, with the same content. Should either my IG or FB account get burned, I still have the other.

The WHO: This would/will work for content that is branded, or thematic (think memes like comedy, inspiration, babe, etc.) where you build most of your content through reposting.

The HOW:
First thing you need is a target IG account. Ideally this will be your own you are building, but coudl easily just identify IG accounts you want to scrape for just building a FB presence as well.

In this case i’m using one of my new IG accounts, we will call it IGAccount.

You also need to add a FB account to jarvee. Once the FB account is added, click on Destination Lists and create a new list that only posts to your FB account’s page and board. This will look as though the user is posting content then propagating through the page.

Next go to campaigns and click add campaign. choose standard campaign.

In the overview section fill in the name and description. i left the rest unchecked but did go to advanced settings and went to the facebook tab and checked “disabled clickable image post when posting” and “Navigate from facebook wall” - the top two options.

In the General tab i also checked the boxes for “choose single random image for posts w/ multiple images”, “when publishing send one post for each destination”, “Choose a random post from Post List”, and “Do not publish posts on multiple accounts in parallel”.

Some of tehse will likely change, but that is what i started with.

Next campaign tab is “what to publish”. Click on the RSS Posts subtab, and enter the following:


Subbing your IG accoutn for ‘IGAccount’. I then only checked “create clickable image post”,

Then modify the Feed template as desired. and hit add feed.

In the feed options that appear after adding the feed, make sure to check ‘Add Image’. I also checked ‘add posts at the top of post list’.

Then click ‘Start’ in the Actions column.

Now go to the campaign ‘where to publish’ tab and check the box for the destination list that will post to page and board.

Next go to the "when to publish’ campaign tab and set this as desired. I chose 2 posts/day with two set intervals during the day. I also checked “publish a post list item on all selected destinations”.

At this point go back to “Overview” and click “start publishing”. This showed as inactive for me, until the first interval hit, then it published and stayed active.

Now we need to get the FB Page to share to groups. If your FB account doesnt have groups it has joined, you can use jarvee to scrape and join, but in my case they were already joined so i coudl skip to the next part directly.

Create a second destination list using your FB account, but only check the boxes for groups you want to share your posts to.

Then create a second campaign. The Overview tab is the same for me as with the first campaign.

“What to publsih” i went to the ‘share post’ sub tab, and copied in the URL to my fb page. I used the default settings and clicked Add Facebook Page.

Here i set it to posts that are only 3 days old, and checked ‘posts at the top’. Then clicked start under the Actions column.

For ‘Where to publish’ i simply checked the second destination list (one that points to groups).

“when to publish” I again set intervals but also set it to publish on 4 random destination (of the groups targeted).

Back to Overview and ‘Start publishing’.

This campaign ALWAYS shows as inactive for me, until it actually publishes, then it’s active…before switching back to inactive after publishing is done. If in down, check the history tab and verify it is publishing.

Another snag is that I’m getting errors for groups that have to approve posts. Since jarvee cannot verify it has been posted, it’s throwing errors.

In SUMMARY: This method utilizes an automated IG account that reposts viral content, to then post that same content to a FB page. It then takes the posts on the FB page and shares them to niche centric groups.

Combine this with other FB settings like friend requests from those same niche groups, and like requests for pages/groups to friends, and you have an automated FB page/group that grows similarly to IG.

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Cool method! Very efficient in terms of content.

Nice Share, Thanks!

nice thankkks

There’s a jarvee setting that takes care of that

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