[Guide] Building complex spintax


We’re all humans and make mistakes…


Thanks, you have a talent for making things sound easy.


first thing i thought when i read this: “results arent the same, chances of having 3 or 4 fires are biggest”
then you start explaining a bit about chance :slight_smile:

in above scenario (the ‘easier’ example):
chance of hitting 1 or 6 fires is both 1 out of 32
chance of hitting 2 or 5 fires is both 5 out if 32
chance of hitting 3 or 4 fires is both 10 out of 32
(standard bell curve)

something to keep in mind, as it does reduce uniqueness for most of the results, as the chance of getting those results (3 or 4) is higher


Thanks for the guide! This seems useful to manage large scale comments.


Super helpful thanks a ton!


Awesome guide I used to have a program that would do this was years ago sure there is a better one now.