[Guide] Building complex spintax


We’re all humans and make mistakes…


Thanks, you have a talent for making things sound easy.


first thing i thought when i read this: “results arent the same, chances of having 3 or 4 fires are biggest”
then you start explaining a bit about chance :slight_smile:

in above scenario (the ‘easier’ example):
chance of hitting 1 or 6 fires is both 1 out of 32
chance of hitting 2 or 5 fires is both 5 out if 32
chance of hitting 3 or 4 fires is both 10 out of 32
(standard bell curve)

something to keep in mind, as it does reduce uniqueness for most of the results, as the chance of getting those results (3 or 4) is higher


Thanks for the guide! This seems useful to manage large scale comments.


Super helpful thanks a ton!


Awesome guide I used to have a program that would do this was years ago sure there is a better one now.


You just saved me a lot of stressful work haha!
Sadly I can’t access the other area where you have your other guide about syntax :confused:


Thank you for this helpful guide :slight_smile:
I will use it for experimenting with Auto DMs in the future :+1:


This is a great guide for manual advanced spintax, it will definitely help a lot of users doing DMs and post captions. Tho, I prefer to do it automatically with a script :stuck_out_tongue:


Still coming back to this almost daily to write more syntax. thanks for this evergreen content!


Great share!
I eat bunnies.



just crazy this guide: took me litterally only 10 mins to write a complex spintax thanks to this… Instead of 60 haha…


Bumping since I’ve seen a few people ask about beginner spintax.


Thanks for breaking down this guide, it’s really comprehensive and easy to understand. Time to apply this to my syntax!


At the moment I’m working on creating a Bio Spintax. Therefore I created different categories like {job|hobby|location|…}. Each category should be one element of the Bio and every Bio should include 2-4 of them. To make it more random I created 8 categories, so not every Bio includes the same categories.

Now I have two questions:

  1. How can I set up the spintax that every Bio will include at least 2 categories and 4 categories at the max?
  2. Is it possible to randomize the order of the different elements with a spintax to make the Bio even more random?


Yes with Excel you can do all that. Take one column and put a randomized number in (there is a formula for this) and then just sort it. And with the “IF” formular + concatenate you can combine your text segments.


I already worked with Excel for this Bio Generator. But I don’t know exactly what you mean. I will take your answer for the start and make my research on this.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Quick edit: I looked for something like a spintax column with which you don’t write everything out. Like for example with the :fire: given above. It’s like a shortcut with :fire:{| :fire:}{| :fire:}{| :fire:}{| :fire:}{| :fire:}. I want to save as much RAM as possible because my PC/VPS hasnt that much (yet).


This is really useful. I never learned how to spintax and your post is super clear. Thanks for your work.


Thank you for sharing this and taking the time to explain in detail! Very helpful information


Thanks for making such an efford, highly appreciated =)