[GUIDE] Easy Guide to Good Influencer Sources


Today I will be talking about an old school guide I used, and a method I still use. It’s a simple way to find good influencers - accounts with many followers in a certain niche, and with a good engagement percent. Let us begin.

We are starting out with a clean slate so we need to open the Iconosquare Influencer index:

This basically gives us an indexing of influencers on Instagram. Like I said, this is a simple method. As you see at the top of your page, there are categories for influencers, such as Accessories, Adventure, and Architecture. Find your category and click on it. If your category is not listed, think of 2 or 3 side categories that are similar to your niche.

From here you have an index of influencers in that particular niche. They are listed by the most followers down. I recommend adding some of these influencers to your list of sources.

Clicking ‘ER’ on the page will list the influencers by engagement rate. You’ll find more influencers with a much higher engagement bracket than what you were previously seeing now. This is the gold mine for sources that have people engaging in that niche.

However you will probably find that many of the people with high engagement do not have high follower counts. This is where I suggest adding people from the high follower count as sources to make sure your sources vary.

That’s it.


  • Check the influencer accounts out on Instagram itself, see if they are something agreeable with what you’re trying to build, brand-wise. This is important; if you’re targeting " cute girls with tattoos" but your account community is more directed towards “all natural girls” you’ll run into complications(which may or may not matter, depending on your account strategy)

  • Check the account on www.socialblade.com. Make sure it is performing well. Make sure it is gaining followers healthily and that the graph on the page is also healthy. Some accounts from Iconosquare will actually be unhealthy and you shouldn’t try targeting them(for the same reasons above but more punishing).


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Nice one, that iconosquare page had somehow evaded me till now… this will come in useful when researching a new niche when you don’t know where to start. I also like that it shows the country, good stuff.


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Excellent! thank you so much @nephilim_aura ! This is very useful for my client work :slight_smile:


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Now it would be amazing to filter by number of follower but thats just crying on high standard :smiley:


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Thank you so much for this tool/strategy, this page is really useful, great content !

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Thanks for the tip! I definitely bookmarked the page for future references.

iconosquare.com i see some top Influencers from Germany are not in the List, when i search only Germany. iconosquare is only good for Brands beceuse manny local Influencers are missing here.


FYI it looks like this feature was disabled mid April 2018 due to the IG API changes :frowning :frowning:


Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: