[Guide] Free static sites hosting for your landing page

Are you looking for more sites that can host static content on a free subdomain? Amazon s3 bucket too confusing for you and can’t customize the URL? Then this is for you.

#1- Firebase

A sneak peek of the site i created

You will need to learn a little bit of the
CLI - Command Line Interface.
HTML coding

I will not copy/paste what is freely available well documented tutorial. You can refer here how to get it done.

And the youtube video

Feel free to ask me anything, I’m still learning so your questions can help me debug stuffs.

#2 Surge.sh

Using the same html, i uploaded it to surge.sh too. Since it’s using the same procedure, CLI, nodejs, npm and stuff, it’s relatively simple.


More to come


Nice share! Looking forward to some time when I can dig in a bit.


Looks cool, more ways to get unique link for each IG profile. I like it :smiley:


Nice post. There really is a lot of websites that offer free sub domains. Another one would be http://heroku.com/. Though it is a bit more complicated since it isn’t really made for html/css but more for real programming languages. Deploying your stuff isn’t that easy. But for more experienced guys it might be helpful. I only used it once though so I can’t say much about it.


Subdomains arent seo friendly as Google sees the main domain initially ?

Idk, this isn’t really for any SEO purposes.

I’ve seen this around time to time but idk what it really does. Some of the language is new to me. I’ll look into it.

Edit : Dang, seems like you can even host a wordpress site on it completely free ! Only thing is you will need to add a card to get it free for 1 month as the free tier cuts off at 500 hours.

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