[Guide] Free Tool For Phone Verification

Hi to all

I would like to contribute to MP community since it has become the kingdom for free information on IM, has educated us all, and not to mention the Admins who excelled themselves in support for the users. Thanks guys!

I haven’t been active in the forum (as a reader) because whenever I need something the magical Search button finds it for me, since someone else has already opened the topic and the Admins covered it.

This method worked for me in the past for creating and verifying accounts.

I haven’t read all the methods for free verification, so maybe someone knows the method or has explained it.

Personally I changed the activation for the accounts with my own SIM cards, since my friend does the promotions for one of the networks and gives me free sim. I hope the guide will be useful for some members.

I have used this method for more than 20 of my accounts. Worked fine with all of them.

It’s a mobile App, both for Android and iOS called Nextplus. I use iOS, so the guide and screenshots are from an iPhone.

Step 1:
Get your smartphone :grinning:

Step 2:
Find, download and install the App from Google Play or App Store.

Step 3:
Sign up.
Man this is easy. I haven’t seen so easy signup.

Use the name of the account or whatever name you want.
Fill all the information. Now, I wanted to tell you to use the email from the account (I have been using the appropriate mail for each account until now), but when I was making this screenshot for the method I used a random made-up email UseAccountEmail@gmail.com, and since it doesn’t require verification, I managed to create the account using the made-up mail (or maybe someone owns the mail and received an email for Mr. Planner :expressionless: )

Click Sign Up!

Great, you are in

Step 4:

Don’t click the banner to get a free number.
Go to the menu of the app, bottom right to open the menu.

You’ll see the name of the account on top.
Go to “Tap to get free Nextplus number”

Step 5:

Customize your number. Depending if you want to be more specific, you can request a number from the state that your account was created on (ex. Miami Florida) and choose one calling code from the drop-down menu.

Step 6:
Congratulations, you have a US phone number

Check your profile again

Final Step (read the final comments for additional important info)

Test your number.
I used my personal number to send an SMS to the Nexplus number just to test the service.

It arrived instantly


Sometimes the Facebook activation can have a lag, meaning that the first time FB sends confirmation you might not receive anything. Wait a minute and click “resend code” on FB, this usually does the trick.

Important for opening/creating more than 2-3 numbers. The smartphones themselves have cache memory and this presents a problem for registering new users to Nextplus i.e you need to clear your cache.
For iOS users like myself is more manual work. After you signed up for 2-3 numbers, you need to delete the app and reinstall it. This worked for me for more than 20 US numbers.
For Android users I have read that you can clear the chase with some app, but I’m not sure. Maybe someone else can contribute to this.

If you want to keep the numbers for future, you have to do manual work. If you don’t open the app/profile on Nextplus for more than 1-2 months you will probably lose the number for that account. What you need to do is just login, open the app, remove notifications and leave. This for all the accounts if you want to keep the number. The one account I left logged in, when I opened the app after months have passed, everything worked, same number, tested it and received SMS.

I hope this guide can help someone in creating/testing accounts.

Greetings from your friendly weedaholic :wink:


Great guide and very thorough. Thank you. Android does have the ability to delete cache and data. Just go to Settings > Application and select the app. After that, just click clear data and Clear cache.

Again, Thank you for sharing this.


Nice one @Rafiki, pretty sure this will come in handy. I also like the fact that you use the Search function, it’s a useful yet often neglected feature of the forum :slight_smile: Cheers to that :beers:

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looking at the screenshots, Nextplus = textplus?

i read in this thread that Textplus is not good for phone verification?

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Hi. Haven’t heard of Textplus.

I don’t do Instagram marketing so can’t help :unamused:

For Nextplus (or the app Next+):

Play Store Nextplus

App Store Nextplus

Dude, look at the screenshots you posted. Half of them says “Textplus” in it.

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Dude, you are correct :slight_smile:

Sorry I haven’t noticed inside the app. Actually now I made a google search and there is a Textplus app, Looking the same, same color, same text, logo almost the same, with a difference in the first letter N and T.

If you analyze further, you will see that both apps are from the same developer.

Thanks for pointing it up, because they look identical but they are not the same app.

LOL DO NOT use this for PV on ANY ACCOUNTS… They straight up dont work or get your accounts banned.

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@Babs :100::100::100::100::100::100: fam.

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As some are sceptical of using nextplus for PV-requests, can you tell for what purpose you find it helpful? Thank you :smiley:

thanks , I’ll give it a try , hope stil working :slight_smile:

I used it in the past for verification of FB accounts.

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