[GUIDE] Getting Clients for Social Media Marketing Services

Hi , I have been researching on how to get clients and putting all the knowledge to use.
Here’s a list of Techniques that may or may not work entirely for you.
The idea is not to do it all , but to figure out what works best for you.
Most likely a combination of the Knowledge you gain from these methods will work for you.

1.Cold Emailing
Get a Gsuite Email Account , Scrape all IG account emails from Jarvee AND <500 Followers.
Have a template that shows partially the know-how they need to get more followers and grow on the fastest growing social media platform , Instagram.
And how they can make more money using the platform .

2.Cold Calling
This is time-inefficient , but still works for some businesses.
Get a skype number from US , and a calling Subscription , total cost ~11$ a month.
Make sure you don’t pitch anything on the call .
Get a meeting on the call.
Use Calendly , to let them book a 15 minute Zoom Video Call with you.

3.FB Groups method
Free Value Posts.
Get aged PVA Facebook accounts.
Use Multilogin + Firefox + proxies.
Add The FB groups you think your prospects would hang out in.
Write 7 great posts, 1 daily for a week , like an email sequence of sorts , on how they can grow Instagram accounts for free with organic reach.
Obviously don’t give away the entire thing.
The idea is to hit a sweet spot between Show-me-how-to-do-it and Do-it-for-me .
Put your calendly link or your phone number Email Address in every value posts.
Again Don’t pitch here.
Something like , Contact me here in case I cannot find time to reply to comments.
Close them on the video/phone call.

This is great if you can present as the professional types .
Make your account look like you mean business , Start Connecting with in one particular niche that could use IG growth services. Have a manychat or something similar on your profile that takes them through what you do , and Land an Appointment with them.
Bio could be something like , I get Salons more in-door appointments every week.

5.Cold Outreach on Facebook messenger
Search on Facebook Pages for +
Ex - Dentists Los Angeles
Message their Facebook Page from your personal Profile
Say something like you have some additional leads in their niche , and whether they are open to take on some extra business.
Get them on a call and Share what you can do for them in developing a digital identity on Instagram.
This could work very well with fitness centres / Beauty treatment type clinics.

6.Review their current Digital Advertising
Any ad you see , Facebook , Adwords , IG , Reach out to the Owner of the business and Educate them on what you can do through Instagram , you can Get them more exposure in their local area.
You can manage Instagram / Content management completely for all their social media for a monthly fee , try to get them on a retainer.
They clearly are spending on a digital strategy and if you offer really good services and a better ROI , there should be no reasons , they won’t at least try with you.

These are just some of the methods that are working for a lot of people.The hope is to get some inspiration going for you , so you can get clients too. Ultimately , what’ll work will be very unique for every single one of us.
Depending on our personality , budget , skills , goals , etc.

These are the ones coming up off the top of my head , if this helps anyone at all , I’ll be sure to do a part 2 .
I am kind of nervous , this is my first Big topic on Mpsocial.
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Thank you dude for sharing this content with us :slightly_smiling_face:
Like I sad in another topic I think that our clients are the best business card for us. We need to grow the relationship with our clients. The other side of a great profile is… “you work and your skills”.


Thank you, really great tips!

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Thanks for sharing these Tips Bro ,Really appreciate it ,A huge + :+1: :heart:

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Hey @alossra, Thanks Man , i did DM you as well a couple days ago.

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@igshopify10 i’ve got a lot of DM’s this 4 days that’s why missed it
checkout the reply :+1:


What is your opinion on Facebook Marketplace? I have never seen ads for this locally

@Cudi , The businesses don’t ave to be local to your area.
It needs some extra work , but you can go to each and every facebook business’ page and see in “Info and Ads” if they’re running some ads.
For Adwords Try isearchfrom.com
There you can search from any country , example search from USA , Iphone - “Beverly Hills Dentist”
it should show if anyone is running adwords from there…
Then you can reach out to them , because they are investing in ads anyways.

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Please forgive me, what are Adwords?

@Cudi Adwords the Highlighted search results that we see when searching for a term of google

themillenialmarketers is an adwords ad


Thank you so much for clarification!

When you approaching potential clients via mail and there are interested. How do you tell them that you need their Username&Password? Because they don’t know you and are afraid to give their information further :thinking:

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That’s why you don’t say anything salesy on the email.
You simply share what you can provide for them
After that you get on a phone/video call.
There if you can pitch properly , they will hire you…

if after that they don’t share username password. Then Shame on them , LOL.

Great Tips Bro

thanks Bro appreciate it

Amazing! I save this ! :trophy::heart:

Yap this is really good.
I’ve tried some of this method and it worked.
Good one. Thanks dude.

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@adrianleoh care to share which one specifically worked for.you?

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Thanks for sharing man

I’ve tried cold emailing and cold calling.
The database that i used are from Gmaps and their business instagram.
In my case i charge them 100-200$ / month.
It’s depends from the service that they want.

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