Guide: How to add mass scrapers/ proxies. Plus a few excel tricks

Someone asked me to make a video showing how I add scrapers quickly and what excel shortcuts I use. So, I thought I would share it on MPsocial too. This is a quick walk through and has some tips on adding proxies and clearing blank spaces in excel. Enjoy!

I can’t be bothered uploading to youtube so google drive it is! So, much work to do atm!


@Sebastien_Hamel here you go man! Sorry for the wait. The year has been utter chaos thus far.

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Nice one, thanks for the share @heroeslair :pray:


thanks brother

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thank you for sharing @heroeslair very helpful :muscle: :muscle:

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Thought it would be nicer to share with everyone since their doesn’t seem to be a guide on this

Thanks a lot bro!!!

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Allgood man. gGad to help

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Awesome, thanks for sharing!

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While watching this video, I just noticed that Tiktok beta version was there in your jarvee. I’m currently on a $50 plan, is tiktok available in the $70 plan right now?

There is no tik tok atm. They took it away.

thanks for sharing