[GUIDE] How To Automate/Bot Your Instagram And Make Coin - Step By Step Easy To Follow ❤

I will start by saying that I have not really found any easy to use guide for new people coming into the game. It’s already expected that you know about jargon and software names like ‘FL’ “JV” “IG” and yes, these may be common for folk that have been here and around for some time, but not for new people. That is the reason I am writing up this guide! Have to say up-front, this won’t be a detailed numbers guide, meaning I won’t be getting into limits and number increasing much, however I will briefly touch upon it.

In this social media marketing world there’s alot of jargon going on. I will try to make a small list of the most common jargon types found:

FB - Facebook
IG - Instagram
DM - Direct Message
JV - Jarvee (bot software)
EB - Embedded Browser (inside of JV is a browser)
API - Application Programming Interface (code that developers can use)
Bot - A software to automate
DC - Data center (mostly used to describe Data Center proxies)
VPS - Virtual Private Server

Repost - Reposting content (media) from other social media players and posting this on your own channel
Hashtags - used to be found, create more reach and engagement. When someone fills in #grind and you have a post with this so called hashtag that means your post can be found.
Reach/engagement - the amount of people seeing and interacting with you or your media posted

If I can think of more jargon then I will add it, please contribute below so I will be able to add more.

Tools to start:
To start your Instagram experience we need to know what we NEED to start botting. You can do this in multiple ways but today I will show you an easy way to go about this. You need:
> JV
> VPS You can use an amazon server for this however I advice you to look for a VPS closer to home. We will need this to run software like JV.

> Proxies Mobile proxies are the best, they unfortunately are also the most expensive and hard to get. After mobile proxies it is adviced to get residential proxies as these are proxies that would normally be in a household. The third option is to get DC proxies but these are the lowest quality and you should be careful with these. A proxy is needed to connect your account to it. Instagram doesn’t like 100 accounts on 1 IP adress. That’s the reason we use proxies, so we can attach 1 proxy to 1 accounts so each accounts has it’s own IP adress.

> Accounts Try creating accounts yourself. This way you know how and when the account is made and you can be sure only YOU have access to this account. If you’re not able to do this, buy trust worthy accounts from sellers that have great reviews. Warm up accounts by setting them up with low settings and increasing limits by the day.

**Setting it all up**

What you need to understand is that Instagram has a machine learning software behind it. This basically means that it can learn by itself. It can see which actions are being done by bots and by humans. That is why we need to make sure that our bots behave as humans.
We need to limit our instagram accounts. This means that we need to make certain actions at a limit. The days where you could like 1000 images in a few hours are long gone. The total actions (following + liking + DM’ ing + etc) are what counts right now. People are still figuring this all out but it’s important to know that most individual subjects have 200 limit max per day. This is a safe estimate and you can easily push this number but since this is for new people don’t do it.
Safe warmup setting would be 0-10 actions for each subject per day, increase by 15-20 per day until 200.

Important is to know who to target and what they need to engage with you. You can just say it’s a free for all and like any hashtag user you come across, but this will be wasting time and risking your accounts.
Getting a high follow back ratio % is what you’re striving for. Every niche has it’s different follow back ratio, some are more competive and harder than others. Some are smaller some are bigger. I advice targetting accounts with 50k-200k followers at first and also get around 50 accounts with these numbers to start with. This is your base. If there are no good % of follow backs, remove the bad % accounts from your source list and add new ones.
Your content is also important. Report and upload viral content from instagram. You can easily find this by inputting your niches hashtage and checking the explore page!

Be prepared to have a budget. The following costs are mostly estimates to start.
JV alone costs $30 for 10 accounts. This decreases sequentially with more accounts but it is still a high number for most people, cost per month.
A good VPS for just a few accounts is around 20-30 bucks. If you increase accounts then you will most likely need a better VPS than this, per month.
Buying 10 Instagram aged and trusted accounts will most likely run you $1.8 per accounts giving you a cost of $18 one time.
Proxies are gonna be your big spender. A good proxy will cost you around $2-3. Going for the higher number, you’re gonna spend 1 proxy per 1 accounts and this will run you $30 for 10 accounts per month.
Like mentioned, prices are variable but this is a good estimate.

The thing everyone wants to know right? The profits. Unfortunately this is different per niche.
I will say however: if you work hard and are dedicated to make this work. A good estimate would be $5-$10 per 1k followers (eventually in the long term). If you have 100 accounts running with approximately 10k each, you would make (on the low end) $50 bucks every single day. The beautiful thing is is that this would mostly be automation and you can scale it.

**Ways to make money**
There are multiple ways you can make a buck out of this. However in every possible solution you will need average-big engagement. This seems obvious but some people seem to think that you get a few k $ out of the box.

You definately need alot of followers for this method to work as you’re basically becoming a influencer. You can shout out people in your content and your URL. This can run you alot of money. You can start doing this from about 50k followers. Per 10k followers I estimate $1. Start this at about 100k followers. If your engagement is good you can go up to $3-4 per 10k followers.

Selling products
You can sell products if you’re creating a branded account. Selling clothes, dropshipping and other ways of selling products are all applicable here. There’s no estimate to be made here as it’s possible you’re selling products that are $3 a piece and $1000 a piece. It depends on your niche.

**End note**
I hope this helped beginners and perhaps some advanced people. I know it’s not super detailed and into limits and numbers, but I wanted to write up this guide because I didn’t find any sorta ‘STEP IN’ guide on here so I thought, why not write it up right!

Hope it helped :slight_smile:


Nice guide. Very basic, but still nice :wink:


Yes, my Queen.

That was the point of it anyway :upside_down_face:

Thanks OP!


So what are you selling to make the $50 a day? shoutouts?

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What’s your average cost per 20 accounts?

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What proxies do you recommend?

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Is the bit about how you actually make money from this missing?

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I am glad you found it helpfull! And yes, the point was to keep it basic so everyone can understand


Shoutouts and products. I’ll add another section in a bit!

One time cost would be around 30$. Monthly would be between 70-80$ for proxies and bot


I will add this section in a little bit. I wasn’t planning on adding to much about it but I can add a section on it. The hows/why’s and which’s I will add in a little bit.


What are you including in your profit assumptions? Ecommerce, shoutouts?

Both actually! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the guide.
Is there any guide to introduce the configuration of J?
I know that nowadays it changes everyday but at least for the basic cfg.

Thanks in advance


20 accounts at $80 would be $4 an account per month? seems very low from my experience using Mobile proxies, SIMs, PVs, VPS, and JV costs.

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I wrote this guide with new people in mind. Even though mobile proxies are the best, I would definitely not recommend starting out with them if you’re new to the game


It depends and this is not for beginners especially selling products which takes a lot amount of time and resources shootuts may work but not with 10k followers I personally didnt get any shootouts till i was 20k and I was selling them for like 10$, However if you can structure a plan with niches and with products proven to sell and already know or are ready to learn how to sell then this is a good method and I suggest it.

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If there’s ask/demand then I can do this. I’m not sure people are actually looking for something like this? But could be wrong.

It´s always important to have a good strategy my friend. Having no strategy is most likely the reason most don´t succeed.


To clarify, ecommerce can be multiple things. It’s not JUST selling products. It can also be affiliate marketing where you get a percentage of a sale.

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