[GUIDE] How To Bulk Rename Files


First, I hope I placed this topic in the right category. :slight_smile:

In my everyday work with images I often need to bulk rename these files.
I think this can be helpful for anyone here, so here is how I do it:

  • Download/Open Total Commander.
  • Navigate into the directory with the files and select all of them (what you want to rename).
  • Navigate to the “Files” menu and select “Multi-Rename Tool”.
  • In this window you can give your file names a prefix, for example your account name. I usually add a counter [C] in the file names and change the counter digits at least to 3 (which will add leading zeros for the small numbers).

I hope you will find this short tutorial useful. It is very handy and fast way to change filenames for multiple photos. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the share!

I edited your title to show that this is a guide and not a question :slight_smile:


Someone here once mentioned http://www.den4b.com/news/2286/renamer-6-7
It is also very usefull when you have to rename lots of files. I really love it.