[GUIDE] How to check if a link is blocked by IG in post or DM

Sometimes we may found that we cannot put a link on IG post or DMs, if we still send DM with that link, the target user will NOT see any links or website previews but just text messages.

That’s because IG will check all links to see if this link is a CPA link or has any contents that IG dislikes.

So how to check if a link is blocked by IG? How to avoid sending DMs with those blocked links?

Use this FB tool to check:


This tool is used to check if a link is worked with Facebook Graph API, you also could see the website preview result for the specified links, but I found that if a link is blocked by IG or FB, you will see nothing but an empty page after you submitted query request.

How to fix if your CPA link is blocked: The workaround for this issue is to make a fake landing page for the link.


Thanks for the share, didn’t know this trick

I am seeing an empty page but I do get clicks on my link from IG. Does this really work?

thanks for this share

Is there anyway to get the links unblocked?