[GUIDE] How to Create Instagram Scraper Accounts with Minimum Effort and Without Email

Hey MPSocial family :slight_smile: :wave:

I see that many users are interested to hear different ways to create Instagram accounts and I decided to share my method as well. I create scraper accounts with Jarvee Create Accounts tool with minimum effort.

I just use a simple format to import accounts, like this:
email,account-username,account-password,proxy-ip:port,proxy-username,proxy-password,full_name,website_url,biography,gender,isprivate,phone,profilePicture,email-password,emailServer,use phone provider

In this case, I used a proxy with IP authentication, but if you use username and password authentication, you will need to add this in the file as well. I get proxies that are cheap for creating scraper account. Jarvee automatically generates and adds random username and password, so it’s enough if you input only proxy details.

I import the file with this format when I click on IMPORT ACCOUNTS in the IG Create accounts tool in the Global Tools and check the option to use phone verification for account creation.
I don’t use real phone number for this, I use the sms-activate.ru service for phone verifications and this is something that you can set in the Connectivity tab. Phone verification will be done automatically. Sometimes service fails to extract the phone number, but then you can reprocess that account creation.

Once you have set everything, you will need to start Create Accounts tool so that it starts creating account/accounts for you. You can see the status of account creation in the Settings tab of this tool.

When the account is created you can just click on ADD ACCOUNT TO JARVEE next to each account. There is also the Results tab where you can easily see the list of sucesfully created accounts.

I mentioned this method in a shorter format in one of the other threads, but thought more users would see it if I would create it as a thread. :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t get attached to these scraper accounts, as they will probably start getting some issues at some point.

This method works great for me and my needs for now and I hope that it will be helpful for others as well :slight_smile: If you have any suggestions, please add them here if you think that they could be useful for the community.


thanks for the guide! do you set the new accounts to follow from suggestions? I always have this option checked. I’m wondering if other users do the same. Just thought maybe you think there’s no need to follow any users since the accounts will die anyway.

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Thanks for this nice informations :slight_smile: :+1:t3:

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Super easy and straight forward guide.
Thanks for sharing your method with us.
How many accounts are you able to create with this method on a good day? And I also like to know if you use these accounts as scrapers? And how long do they last if you behave and play by the rules?

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Thanks for this guide Bianca, this is indeed a tool that has been used a lot recently by many community members :pray: :pray:

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thanks Bianca very helpful guide :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Is there a way to follow this plan without using Jarvee?

Problem is that all the sms services are terrible. Don’t get codes or the account gets captcha because the numbers used to often. Would be better if you had an email method

You right… sms-activate is an horrible service, didn’t get the insta code 2 times on 3…

Nice share friend.

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I don’t do mass creation, it’s just when I need them. Yes, I only use these accounts as scrapers. It depends on luck honestly, I couldn’t see some specific pattern, some last for days, some for months. I wouldn’t create my main/ important accounts this way.

Yes, captcha can happen as well. You can try different phone services available in Jarvee and see which one will work better for you.

I know that @InstaZeus had one some method that uses emails.