[Guide] How to find good quality Targets for Automation

This is a Guide on how to find good quality targets in your niche.
Its for the beginners or maybe people who just use the biggest accounts in their niche or even country as targets. Spoiler: It does not matter if a target has a verified badge or not.

What is a good Quality Target?
A good quality Target is an Account in your Niche with a high authentic Engagement Rate. The size does not matter as much as the Engagement rate.

What is the Engagement rate?
The Engagement rate is the Followers in relation to the average likes.
100 likes on an account with 100 followers equals a 100% ER.
100 likes on an Account with 1000 followers equals 10% ER.

Where can I find a good Quality target?
As I understand the best way to find a high Quality target you can check the Explore Page.
Why? Because you want to get on the explore Page for growth and the interaction of the post there, got them there.
So it’s most likely also real engagement and not fake engagement.

What do I look for on the Explore Page?
You will scroll until you find an account in your niche which is similar to your Page.
Then you will check the username and add it to your target list if it fits you. To find even more of these profiles, you can click on the :arrow_down: to find someone accounts.
Repeat until you have enough targets. Use the Likers of these profiles as targets.

Video tutorial?
For those who like a Visual on how i do it, there is also a video in my Telegram Channel which is linked in my Bio that shows the process.

I only tell this because i can not link it from there to here :grin: if its not permitted to point that out just remove the last section :pray:t2:


Thanks @Derdam, those are some very useful points :pray:

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Thanks mate! @Derdam

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I will also add that once you get a good list of sources you should run them through a source checker like hype auditor. You can request a one day free trial.