[GUIDE] How to increase the FB ratio (solution to follow blocks)

So almost everyone whose doing IG automation are going through an Armageddon recently. I have been trying to combat the situation for quiet a while now and have come up with something that could be a solution.

We now have very limited abilities to follow/like even when there was the infamous 6000/30 block let alone the api blocks we are encountering right now, so it is important to be very strategic about who you follow or what your follow sources are.

I have noticed that the best follow sources even with up to 0.6 FB ratio are the ones that have been or are still using the f/uf method or have been a client of an IG growth company (ideally in the same niche as your/your clients account).

It does take a bit of work but you can find some of them on shoutcart.com heepsy.com and other influencer websites. I usually go with a rule of thumb were if their following is between 800-3000 its worth checking on socialblade and ninjalitycs for their following activity. Below is an example of an account that is using an f/uf


Make sure to stay away from profiles which have a round numbers of followers popping up each day as there is a large chance they might be buying their follows and bots won’t follow back.

Is it unethical or is it cheating? Probably as unethical as using the follow/unfollow method itself - the profiles who have used the f/uf are just followed by people who are likely to follow other accounts. Nothing really happens to these profiles as its only their followers who will follow your profiles and I think there is nothing unethical about it unless of course you abuse it very hard and create hundreds of accounts using these profiles as sources which I wouldn’t recommend (even if they will keep following back your engagement will drop by a lot).

With this method if you get the right follow sources you can get up to 50% fb ratio which if you follow around 3000 users per month (achieving this amount is doable even with the recent limits) can provide you with 1500 new followers which would make your clients happy.


Ive been doing this, in the fitness/personal page niche at least i just set it up to follow/unfollow based on other profiles that i bet are doing the same thing and use some filters to try and mitiagate fake accounts etc.

Gotten high 30% fb ratio on my personal acc rn


Great idea! their followers are more likely to follow back.

I have been getting a good followback for a while and noticed some of my sources met this criteria, go figure!

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Can u allaborate a little further? Such as parameters/settings.


Finding the competition’s slave accounts is the biggest goldmine for IG automation masters :yum:

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Hey @InfinityGram … I just read a few comments of yours in other topics here mentioning about a Master Slave thing… I am a new user here, so can you please explain or share a link that explains what this Master Slave method is about?