[GUIDE] How To Land SMMA Clients Using Cold Email + Cold Calling (100% WORKING)

Hello MPSocial community! I wanted to write this guide to give back to the MPsocial community and everyone who has helped me over the past few years. In this guide, I’ll be going over different types of lead generation and my secret MP method for getting SMMA clients.

I’ve been in the Instagram space for over three years and this community has benefitted me greatly. In the past three years, I’ve been able to start my own Instagram growth agency and build it to making over $20,000/month. As you may have known, the July 2019 algo change screwed us all and hurt a lot of our businesses. Due to this, I had decided to quit Instagram marketing and decided to get into lead generation. Now, I own a manual cold emailing agency and work extensively with a lot of SMMAs to get them more clients.

Why Cold Email & Cold Calling Works Best Together
You never want to cold call someone unless they have expressed an interest or need for your services. If you blindly cold call people, you’re going to end up talking to a customer representative (non key decision-maker) or go to voice mail. This method is extremely time inefficient.

What I do with my clients is help them run a mass cold email outreach campaign for their SMMA services. First you’ll want to scrape the email addresses in your niche using Jarvee. When you start your cold email outreach campaign, you want your initial cold email is focused on getting a reply back. The second email or reply email is focused on getting the client to do your CTA (or get on a phone call with you). If you send a few hundreds of cold emails a day with a good email list, you could probably be getting 5+ phone calls a day with prospects. Now, lets say you have a 25% conversion rate on the phone. That’s a solid 1-2 clients a day.

How To Use Jarvee To Scrape For Email Addresses In Your Niche
Step 1: You can scrape for email addresses using Jarvee by going to SOCIAL PROFILES > SCRAPE TOOLS

Step 2: Using the following settings for your scrape accounts. You can adjust these settings to fit your criteria for email addresses. Let’s say you’re targeting users in USA or have 5K+ followers. You’re able to add in these filters.

How To Finding Good Scraping Sources
When picking your targeting, please make sure to remember that you’ll be extracting email addresses from followers of specific users. Those specific users are going to be your follow sources. When finding follow sources, you want to make sure you find Instagram accounts that your demographic follows. You need to make sure those accounts are high quality and do not have many fake followers.

If you have trouble brainstorming, you can find more potential scrape sources by going to TOOLS > USERS AND HASHTAGS

Delivering Your Emails
If you are on a tight budget, I would recommend manually send out these cold emails using a free gmail account.

VERY IMPORTANT: I strongly advise against using automation to send cold emails. Using automation services will damage your domain reputation and make all of your emails land in spam. I’ve tested many cold email campaigns on these applications and your domain will always get flagged for spam in the long run. The best way of sending cold emails is manual.

Other: If you’re looking for a high-quality, cost-effective manual cold email service to send hundreds of cold emails a day, you can send me a DM as this is what my agency specializes in. My sales thread is available on this forum too.

How To Land A Phone Call With a Prospect Over Email

Initial Cold Email Pitch: The purpose of this email is to get a response. You never want to start your sales pitch on the first email. If you do, your email will get marked for spam quite fast. The purpose of this email is to sound like a genuine person and get a reply back.

Reply Email (Second Email): The purpose of this email is to get the prospect to get on the phone with you. You do not want to convert them over email because chances are very low and people don’t trust email.
If you want the best chance of converting, you need to do it over the phone.

Here’s a good example of a reply email:

Hi John,

Thanks for the reply. I have a business called Bunny Marketing Agency. I help well-known photographers grow their Instagram account with real followers from their target audience. Do you have time for a phone call this week?

Thank you,

Final Words
When I was running my SMMA agency, this was the primary method I used to generate the bulk of my clients. It really works. With many of my clients I have for my manual cold emailing agency, I recommend them to use this exact same method and I’ve had clients see huge success and results. I do plan on posting more lead generation guides later on the future :slight_smile:

If you have any questions, please post on this thread and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Great guide thanks ! What do you think about personalizing every email like “Hey @barackobama I saw your profile and etc…”? Do you use any tool doing this?

Also, what is your experience about conversions: do people over 5k followers convert more or less than small business accounts which have less than 3k?


haha Barak gets some good attention in this group! lol

Yep this is a good method, also interacting with their social profiles will make it more likely that they’ll convert to clients

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Would like to see samples of this.

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Hi [NAME],

What kind of camera do you use to take your Instagram photos? They’re very high-quality!


Remember: The goal is simply to get an initial response, and the best way to get a response is to not give people a reason to suspect that you might be selling something.

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When I work with clients on their cold email campaigns, we do not personalize on the first email to include their first name. I’ve done a lot of A/B testing in the past and including the name doesn’t provide better results.

Also, I don’t think certain follower ranges convert better than other ones. It definitely ranges. As I tell all my clients, you know your target audience much better than I do so you should be able to include the filters to target them effectively. For example, if you provide M/S service, your clients need to have quite a large budget. Because of this, you’ll want to target for example users with 5K+ followers and etc.

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Exactly! That’s perfect! That’s a great example to use! :slight_smile:

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Wanted to bump so if anyone missed this post, they’ll be able to see :smiley: