[Guide] How to make 200$ per day using Facebook pages

So this strategy is a way old but effective strategy.
What you need is AdSense, or an advertising network. A website with viral content or quiz and some amazing content that will beg people to share.

You need some Facebook pages along with 50,000-500k Followers. The content of your website must match the interest of the content. Then you need to share the content with those page’s followers. Remember if you do too much sharing or aggressive posting then your website will get flagged for spam. Also, it’s very hard to get viral of link nowadays.
Get 7 facebook pages, and share content on different pages once a week. rotate among all pages.
Instagram traffic wont work as there’s so easy way to drive traffic from instagram page to website.

How much traffic your need to make at least 50$ a day?

flat 5000 People with 1% CTR 90% USA traffic.

Good luck :smiley:


Also make sure to show ads in Facebook

i think if you really have amazing content it will pay off more and easily

btw the title is so click baity :jack_o_lantern:

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Let’s do some math. I’ve seen mostly from viral sites you hardly get 0.15 CPC(cost per click). Advertiser are not fool to waste their money like $0.50/click in unwanted clicks, which hardly get converted into a sell.

$50 per day? OK
You will need 50/0.15=333 clicks on your ads.
If you consider 1% CTR then you will need (333/1)*100=33300.

It means you will need daily approx 33k users in your site to get $50 from AdSense.

So for $200/day you will need 132k(33x4) users daily…Hollysh#t…Did I fu$$$ up your click bait article? I’m sorry.