[GUIDE] How To Sky Rocket Your Engagement πŸš€

You have not mentioned to not unfollow all your ghost/fake/bot accounts at once. Because if you do, Instagram algorithm will think that your account is dying, and this move will be useless.

Please change the title [ NO-SENSE GUIDE] bla bla bla

Exactly this, I forgot to mention this one. Do not block ghost followers ALL at once. Good point.

But I guess some people have to complain about something once a day. Luckily there’s people that appreciate information like this being shared :).


Woah you missed your calling! Stand up comedian!

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I am really not sure about this removing ghost things
Even removing few people on a daily basis i noted a er drop. -20% er compared to before

Yup you’re right. You’re ER will drop for a while. This can’t really be avoided. However after this period your engagement and reach will go up since you still have your dedicated followers interacting with your posts. This means high ER and thus instagram will see this and think 'oh hey alot of his followers like this post, let’s show this to also.


I really needed to hear this because I truly believe my account is RUINED.

Where were you a year ago when I blocked 10k β€œghosts” on my account :man_facepalming:t6:? I’ve had a fraction of the likes ever since and totally regret doing it. Is an account f*cked for good after doing something like this? Is there anything that can be done to salvage?

i was here.

not always, it take time – now longer

yea, those 10k you blocked – regain in new followers and grow. Nothing else can be done – it might be ruined if you deleted a core chunk