[GUIDE] How To Sky Rocket Your Engagement 🚀

Hi Y’all, me again back with another guide. After my last guide ([GUIDE] How To Automate/Bot Your Instagram And Make Coin - Step By Step Easy To Follow ❤) where I talked a little about engagement I decided to take it one step further and talk more about engagement and how you can literally boost it sky high.

I see people ask why their reach has lowered, their engagement dropped. This guide is for you. I will give you pointers that make you think, and ones you can directly implement.

So let’s start.

  • Following and unfollowing through a bot has the posibility to completely destroy your account. Once you’re caught, your account will be in Instagrams this is a bot list and you will NOT be able to regain your normal status. Not in any way. Your account is destroyed. You’ll know you’re on the bot hitlist when your engagement suddenly drops without actual reason + you use a bot. You may be able to gain reach little by little and you may have little peaks, however you’ll never get on the explore page or get viral on that account.

  • Adding to the previous, manually following and unfollowing works. It simply does. It’s long and manual work but it’s better than bot. You can learn a bot to have human behaviour, however if thousands of others are doing the exact same behaviour on that bot, Instagram will still learn that it’s a bot. Humans have slightly different movements, they do slightly different things. This is what differiantiates bots from humans.

  • STOP engagement groups. It simply doesn’t do anything for your accounts, in fact, it works against it. Do you really think that Instagram can’t see that the same people like your account from the same source? Think about it.

  • The earlier engagement the better. Instagram works in a way where a small group of your followers will see your new post. If these people don’t press the like button on your post, your post won’t be seen by any more people. This is the reason why having dedicated followers is way way better than a HUGE semi- or not dedicated group.

If you’ve come this far and are still reading, congrats. I’ll show you how you can get rid of your non-dedicated followers. Perhaps you pissed off a few followers because you spammed them, or you unfollowed them, or they’re simply bots you ordered a few years ago.

  1. Scrape a list of your followers
  2. Scrape a list of active followers and ones that liked your photos in last X days
  3. Filter out the unique followers that didn’t like your stuff or weren’t active.
  4. Block followers from this list.
    (optional) 5. Load the other followers that were active on IG and engage with them so they like you again.

Previous can all be done in JV or any bot you prefer.

Doing this will increase your engagement a ton and can help boost your account in the skies (seriously, engagement can be upped by as far as 80%, that’s a number I saw happen).

Hope this helps!


wouldn’t your follower count drop a ton if you block any user who don’t engage with you in last X day?


This simply is not true, you can revive accounts that botted f/unf from 0 to 40k followers, had on average 20-30 likes under post and now it has over 1k likes with posts only about selling their products, not even great content but hits the explore page. I did that, not once. (Yes, with DM groups mostly, they still work incredibly well if you understand the algorithms and control every account in that group)


Auto bot is not dead.

I am receiving good engagement and I am selling product significantly.

8 consecutive days and I’ve followed up to 600 each day.

My follows increase and so do my DMs inquiring about the service/product.

This is 100% gaining growth and at least 15 fold compared to when I was manually do this!

There’s no need to think auto bot is dead when this could specifically be you.


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they work – why this advice? stupid – stupid stupid. They need to follow of course.

simply fatal to an account – removing so called ‘ghost followers’ is the fastest path to see your ER go into the toilet.


This is just 100% wrong as I know several accounts that did f/u and now still grow fine. For example an account that used f/u until 40k and now sits over 500k gaining 300-2k followers every day organically.

Honestly your guides are completely bs. The other one is copy paste stuff that is outdated since a long time and this one is pretty much pure nonsense…


Your comment is quite irrelevant to what I posted. Please read the thread again.

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If you own all your accounts in the DM group then I can understand why your engagement rose. Unfortunately this is smoke and mirrors since, like you say, you control these accounts.


Not sure why it’s smoke and mirrors while the DM group makes the rush at the beginning and after 24hrs they are only the 3% of all engagement, the rest are real people who go to the website and purchase products.

Removing a bunch of followers kills the account. Lots of people have tried it and then complained that the ER went down.
Seems like you just copied and pasted a bunch of nonsense from one of those “gurus” who sell courses 🤦

Want to add my two cents. Just try this

  1. comment your commenters posts
  2. comment followers who get an above average amount of comments (chances are higher they will comment back)
  3. get rid of people who didnot like any of your posts (daily)
  4. Be friendly and positive use positive wording

Dude, I operate accounts that are botted that are reaching over a million people sometimes with just 20k Followers. What you are stating is simply not true.

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People not reading what I wrote but only scanning the guide… Damn… I sometimes wonder why people have wrong information. Then I read comments like this and I know that people don’t actually read what is written.

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Thanks for your contribute! All your points are valid and can be used in anyone that’s running instagram game. That’s great information :).


Really? Because this entire wall of text it’s utter BS. (I swear I read it!).
Since you are making some important statement, where is your source for claiming about this bot list and the fact that it’s NOT possible to “regain normal status”? :thinking:

I just want to give you a tipp my friend. When i entered this forum I thought i know already everything about instagram because i knew more than all my friends. But in this forum are people who play the instagame on the highest level since many years. you should respect that. and also you should read much more or at least use search function before you post. Because everything you write in your post has been allready discussed and is known already. Also you make some statements which are just pure speculaion. e.g. “bot list” ofc I know what you mean but it’s just a big statement you make. check the terms “shadowban” , “silentblock” “trust score” because these are the terms people use here when they discuss those problems. Thats why people flame you because you act like an expert but obviously have not even read the basics. Really appreciate you are trying to participate and willing to share knowledge thats why i write this. wish you all he best :+1:


May I ask what does it mean?

I’m hearing this term in Instagram world for some time - I can imagine what is it, but I’d be way happier if you could explain it, or at least point me somewhere, where I can find the information about it.

As I’ve been browsing through google and other forums - usually the info is old.

thanks in advance

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It’s not used that often but from my understanding it’s limited reach on your posts due to a low trust score. You show up in recent posts on the hashtags but your posts dont get shown to your followers the normal way. it can be caused by different reasons for example if you create too many accounts from 1 IP or you use a flagged ip or you buy fake engagement. Thats how i personally experienced it. I guess there are much more reasons which can cause it.

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Long time I don’t see a post with so many wrong things… @Jala_Labova try to do more research and provide facts/figures .

Yes it would, after you do this give your account some time to rest, then start again and you will see your engagement rise ALOT