[Guide] Improve Engagement by Removing Ghost Followers

i dont know how the vlook up works but i do the same thing and then i use the hilight duplucates and then filter them with colour and then in the followers tab the one’s which are all hilighted are the likers and the one’s not are non-likers!

is vlookup easy? how do you exactly do it?

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You mean VLOOKUP in Excel, right? @dollardude16
Here is a video from Microsoft about it:

There are tutorials on YouTube too.

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Sounds like just another myth so hard to prove anything with IG nowadays.

how can we differentiate which “ghost followers” are not engaging on our posts because they are simply non-engaging versus the followers who do not engage because they never see our posts. As we know, IG doesn’t show our post to everyone, so we could be removing what we think are ghost followers, when in reality they could be people that would engage if they saw our posts. Thus we might be removing quality followers by doing this.


God this is a decent question
I have no idea but i now wanna know the answer

That’s the single biggest issue that I have with this. For example I have a few IRL friends who I know love my content and they’ve come up as ghost followers. None of them had seen my posts show up on their feed for months so they actively liked some of my content and now they see it again.

Hey, that’s a good question and tbh, there is no 100% full proof way to do this.
My suggestion is to modify the filters when extracting ghost followers.

For example, instead of checking the last 12 posts, you can check the last 30 or 50. You can also check when they last posted on their account, whether they have a profile pic or even if they posted at least once in story.

What about using the block function direct with the main account?
There is a filter “block/ remove people has not posted X days”

Any updated way of doing this easily?