[Guide] Improve Engagement by Removing Ghost Followers

Hi all,

I’ve recently seen a lot of discussion about ghost followers and many asking how to find these and remove them.
A lot of you also seem to have lost engagement during and after this process because you probably haven’t noticed that the way you do it influences the outcome significantly. Hence, I decided to create a guide on how to do this:

The secret is to use Jarvee and block these followers while still keeping a positive net growth

Here are the steps in more details:

  1. First, we need to Extract the Ghost Followers.

If you want to check activity in the last 1-12 posts, please feel free to use the Block Follower Tool directly and select Do not Block Commenters/Likers in the last 12 posts.
Then jump to step 3.

If you want to check activity in the last 12+ posts then I would recommend the following:

On Jarvee, go to the Follow Tool and clear all filters in settings. Tick the send to extracted users.

For Follow Sources, you have 2 options:
a. Follow Users that Interacted with posts on target account
Here add the username of the account you want to remove ghost followers from
And Scrape only posts posted in the last 21600 minutes.
This will scrape posts in the last 15 days which is my recommendation. Tbh, you can insert whichever number you feel comfortable with.

b. Follow Users that interacted with posts on target posts
Here just insert the URL of all the posts you want to check.

Once the scraping is done using the follow tool, we will take this list of active followers and add it as whitelist in the Block Follower Tool :wink:

  1. Take a look at your growth pattern in the last 7 days - Check how many followers you are getting daily.

  2. Set the daily limit of the Block Follower Tool to less than the amount of followers you get daily - This is very important!
    Doing this will ensure that you are still growing. Otherwise Instagram will think that your account is becoming less popular/dying because your net follower growth will be negative.

So yes, this means it will take longer to block all the ghost followers, but since your net growth will still be positive, IG won’t be triggered into putting your account into a downward engagement spiral.

That’s it :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions they would like to add?

Also, this post took me while to write out so, if you liked this post, please remember to give it a quick like :heart:


Had used this tool lately, thumbs up for this guide!


Thank you so much!

Good guide +1
Removing ghost followers that works good, recommended


Thanks! Just out of curiosity, did you see a big jump in engagement after removing ghost followers?

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Thank you for posting

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Thanks for the tip!

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My pleasure :slight_smile:

Of course, glad I can help :slight_smile:

Awesome post! I’m going to test this out now - Thanks!

Your welcome :slight_smile:

thnx for this post

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Is this a fact or theory? Has this been tested? I have never heard of this…


Thanks for this valuable guide!


Never heard of this. Sounds not true honestly.

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Good question. This is what I’ve seen from my experience. Whenever an account starts loosing followers over several days (which happens when you block followers), the accounts engagement also drops significantly.
From what I’ve seen, the engagement doesn’t recover, until some days after the net follower growth becomes positive again.

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Your welcome :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the guide! I do a very similar thing and was thinking about writing a guide for it too.

I actually use the scrape tool on the last 12-15 posts (as many as you could be bothered really) to get a list of everyone who has liked my posts. I then scrape a list of my own followers and do a vlookup in excel to find who hasn’t liked anything and block them. I like how your method can be done completely within Jarvee, without having to do any excel work, I’ll try it out!

If anyone wants a full guide on my method with screenshots let me know.


Awesome, glad to hear you were doing something similar!
Personally, I love excel, but if Jarvee can do this faster/semi-automatic why not?

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Do you guys have suggestions for folks not using Jarvee? I can see many people use Cleaner for Instagram, which also has a feature to remove ghosts. Some clients do this by themselves. The app has a feature to “block” but also “block and unblock” (which first blocks a specific account, and then unblocks it again). Is it better to use one over the other?

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