[GUIDE] Improve Jarvee name filtering

I recently got fed up with Jarvee following random people and decided to do something about it’s standard name list.
If you take a look in the settings you will see that the IG name list for English is VERY broad and includes anything and everything. This doesn’t help me filter for the specific demographic I’m trying to target and ends up following the wrong people way too much.

I not only wanted to improve the filtering but also improve my demographic targeting too.

So let’s say that your target demographic is 20-30 year old women in England.
Go to the National statistics office website (or equivalent in your target market) and find the most popular baby names for the year your demographic was born.
You can pick a few sample years and merge them together later for best accuracy.

Take these lovely new lists and just use the top 1000 names (that works well for my territory and demographic but may vary) Combine those top 1000s into one list.

Remove duplicates from the list, you can do this with a website like http://www.dedupelist.com/#startresults

Now convert the list into a csv by using an online tool like https://convert.town/column-to-comma-separated-list

Paste the new list into Jarvee to replace the default one.
Jarvee --> settings --> social platforms --> instagram --> tick ‘show male/female names’

You can now enjoy targeted and more accurate filtering.

I was concerned that doing this would affect performance but it has made Jarvee work much better for me.



omg thank’s that’s helping so much

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that might be good for making accounts too, thanks!

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So I can modify it for my country, that’s cool!

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@Broked yes, apart from sources refining the names really helps with getting your target country more accurate. I saw that in the US there is a similar resource and Scotland has better data available than England. Depending on your region this could work super accurately.
Going to add a French database next as it’s a target market for the brand.

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Very useful i will get started on this now :slight_smile:

This website looks good you can pick year / top 1000 for US names.


Only issue is exporting the data!

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Thanks @avo Great share!

Do you by any chance plan to write a step by step guide for this? :slight_smile:

I never used this sort of targeting before, but it sounds really interesting!

Hmm, I might update this thread with some step by step and sources list for data. That’s a good idea.


Thanks! This would be awesome. I am very interested in trying this method, but can’t get my head around the whole process from the beginning to the end :slight_smile:

I usually need a visual aid too and I am lost without it :smiley:

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Thank you so much!! This is gold :heart:

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Quick question. Where can i change the default one?

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This is a really great guide buddy, thanks!

If you put in only 20-30 year old womens names in the settings here, that would effect every account I then choose to use follow womens names only with, correct?

I’m wondering if there is a way to use specific name lists for specific accounts, or would it just impact every account where you use specific gender following?

Does removing certain names from those English lists also stop them from being followed if you select the option ‘follow only both males and females’?

Example: I’m trying to cut out the number of third world country people being followed. for example the name ‘aashish’ is not desirable, but it is one of the ‘english’ names in settings.
If i remove this name from the ‘english’ names under settings, and then check follow both males and females, will it not follow anyone with ‘aashish’ in the name?

Also, I guess ‘follow only males and females’ will stop following anyone who has a brand name etc?

Big wall of text, apologies


Jarvee --> settings --> social platforms --> instagram --> tick ‘show male/female names’

…and all will appear

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yes, for that language

you could use other language name lists for different demographics

follow both male and female will follow both name lists for the language.
follow all will ignore the name lists

yes, that helped my filtering a lot and reduced the competitors I was following.

Thanks for your answers, very helpful!

So you could make different name sets for the different languages, very interesting :smirk:

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You are the best :slight_smile:

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Custom name lists would be a better solution, I feel a feature request coming on.


A step by step would be very useful mate :slight_smile:

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I will make some time and update the guide.