[GUIDE] Increase Story impressions with this simple trick

Hello all,

I found a way to increase the story impressions by using this simple trick and be able to Triple the impression rate.
As a content creator, I use this to promote products during collaborations and works amazingly well.

So the tip is,

  1. Post 2 stories, back to back (I use before/after or editing process) which is slightly different from other.
  2. In the second story, add a CTA asking if they noticed the change.

You’ll start seeing higher numbers in the back and forwards. To increase engagement and make it more attractive, I design the template using canva.com .

An example scenario here which I did 2 days ago, without Hashtags and just with CTA (my normal story performance is about 1000 impressions):

As always, I am happy to hear if you think I missed something.


Do you use hashtags in your stories ?

No hashtags on this one

Hey very nice trick :hugs:

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Try them It can boost your stories a lot.

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I see a 60% increase, not a 300%… Which is still impressive, just misleading. Interesting trick though!


I do use hashtags like #photography or #instagood which are huge and gain few hundred views. But I don’t do it very often

damn me! not my good day with the numbers. :smiley:
Edited now

Awesome, thanks for the share!! Seems like a good way to increase story views…

But excuse my ignorance here - what does this ultimately do for your profile? Will it help growth or engagement with your account somehow?

Some times asking questions stories goes in explore also. If you know instagram showing stories in explore page too. So it is a win win situation.

Cheers buddy!
I can charge more for the campaigns I do for the brands :smiley: no hiding that. Also, the engagement is higher, loads of DMs about the content shared.