[GUIDE] Reactivate account that got disabled twice

Hi there :slight_smile:

If your account is already disabled second time and you cannot get code on your mail DO THIS:

  1. Go to https://help.instagram.com/contact/1652567838289083 (from the proxy that account used)
  2. FIll out your information (Fake name etc)
  3. Put a random working email it doesn’t have to be one on the ig account (IF your account was disabled twice you have to do this!)
  4. You will get a image verification code on your email, just take a selfie or go on fiverr and buy it from someone else

DONE! :slight_smile: Instagram staff doesn’t check original email on the account hehe!

If your account is just disabled for the first time put original email and thats it!
Hope you liked this little trick, I’m new to the community and so far i love it!


Thank you for this. Trying to recover an account now. Hope it works haha

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Np i tried it yesterday and boom, had 7 good accounts laying around


wow is it that simlple ahah, good share

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I’m not used to this, as I have never tried to recover a banned accounts, I just trash them, but I’m not surprised it’s that simple, most social media companies are really big, but when it comes to security they are still behind.

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I did this the other day with an account that got banned 3 times and got it reactivated again doing it this way lol


Thank you very much for the contribution!!

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I finally got my email from ig after sending them the picture and they said my account was disabled because I violated their terms no getting it back. Womp womp womp

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Your ig was naughty, i only do legitimate things

So you don’t bot accounts using tools? Then why you here? :thinking::kissing_heart:

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Yeah I bot but botting has limits, you cannot get every account back, I’m speaking of ones that didn’t do anything spammy or scammy.

Thank you for the guide! Great work buddy!

Never thought of fivver thanks :v:

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Yeah fivver has a lot of useful things, some creepy too

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I reactivated my acc and it got disabled a few days later and I am trying to get it back I send them the image and how long does it take to get back my account didn’t do anything spamy or something help out pls

Once they verify they will contact u in most scenarios. so keep in touch.

Thank you idk why they disabled it tho I just got it back and few days later boom they disabled it

Most probably you repeated some actions that they didn’t like when they disabled the account for the first time. What type of content do you post?

Just photos of me nothing else

If I get the code how long does it take for instagram to respond