[Guide] Sell more shoutouts than you can keep up with

Before I start this I want to quickly highlight that selling too many shoutouts will kill your audience and drive your ER to the ground, so don’t post too many too fast or it’ll halt the momentum of your account and you might even start to bleed (slowly lose followers).

First you need to join/(or make), a DM group, while making sure all members are theme pages in your niche and have over 50,000 followers.

Next, try to find people who have sent their promotion posts to the DM group. You’ll find that when people think their promotions are going to fail they’ll frantically send it to DM groups to make up for the likes + comments as their own audience are dis-interested. I scrolled through one of mine and found one in less than a minute.

Then find the tagged/mentioned Instagram account to which you’ll send the exact DM ‘Hi do you need a promo?’

It’s short, snappy, and they’re a proven promotion buyer. If they read your message, there’s a very high chance they’ll ask for your prices, and you can go from there.

Here’s an example I had from a while back when I used this method.

As you can see the method works. It does require a bit of time but there have been many occasions on which over 5+ accounts have agreed to pay for a promotion on a promo (way too many to even fit into a week).


Nice Tips Man Love it Big thanks only face issue to find targeted engagement group in its own niche.
In telegram engagement group always have mix theme page group. It’s really doesn’t help now.
Facing issues find a similar follower range and niche-specific engagement group.

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Make one on Instagram. Literally make a list of 20 accounts in your niche with over 100K followers and add them all to a group at once and name it ‘100K+ DM group ACTIVE’ or something alike and people will start using it.

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Thanks for your valuable information.
Do you have any other tips please to grow account right now i have 20 accounts but what i am facing issue is after 50k followers my growth and engagement is down. Till 50k i got 2k per day followers but after 50k followers, it’s down to 500 followers a day. You seem experienced in Instagram marketing. And one more question, Apart from swapd.co and socialtradia what’s the best platform for sell Instagram account.

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Good questions. I haven’t experienced what you’ve mentioned, for me growth is almost always exponential, as more followers = more engagement = more reach.

In terms of where to sell accounts here are some ideas:

  • epic NPC
  • Facebook groups
  • telegram group chats