[Guide] Shopify Finding Competition/Niche Ideas/Client Prospecting

Hello my name is Evan,

I’m making this guide to help anyone starting out or for anyone that has been using Shopify but wants a quick guide that could take them one step closer to success. It’s simple but something that I didn’t think about for a while so hope this comes of value to you!

  1. Goto https://myip.ms/ and put Shopify’s IP Address
    (Could be more then that one but I believe that is the main one 75k+ URL’s on it)

  2. Click other sites on IP:

  3. On the next page Click View All Results under the first table:

  4. Now the search tool pops up and you can search for anything by URL I have an example for health below:

I use this to find competitors mainly and surprises me who is actually using Shopify. Also, If see a store hasn’t been updated in a while I’ll usually reach out to them to see if they would like my services for marketing and E-Commerce. I’m sure you can come up with more uses for this simple tool.

Another way of making use of the internet!

Best Regards,

Evan S.


Great content! Thanks for the share!

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We found this little trick 2 years ago and I am surprised that no one talked - or at least I haven’t seen it - about it in the public. Nice share for beginners :slight_smile:


Thank you! and I thought it would be helpful :sunglasses:

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Actually, it’s very well known ‘trick’. It’s been talked about this in almost every forum I’m part of and in every FB group where the topic is dropshipping/e-commerce.
I’m surprised that it hasn’t been shared here (just guessing that after reading your comment).

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Maybe that is why I didn’t see it. I don’t spend my time in such circles :stuck_out_tongue::innocent:


This is a great eye opener and share, thanks!

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im looking for a good ecommerce course
free or paid
Better for free one with a download link :wink: thanks guys

Oh wow this is really good tutorial.
Thanks dude.
So we can do this too for woocommerce and other website right?

Incredible! Thanks :slight_smile:

You couldn’t do it for woocommerce since that’s a wordpress plugin and is hosted in different accounts people have setup for their sites. You could use a tool like Builtwith for that though. Here’s an example:


i see. so it’s worked if the web have same server or something like that.

nice tip. i will probably use the tool to assess competition in particular niches in combination with visiting the websites . if they were open more recently then i would assume its a trending topic (combined with trend analysis keyword tools)