[Guide] Shopify Finding Competition/Niche Ideas/Client Prospecting


Hello my name is Evan,

I’m making this guide to help anyone starting out or for anyone that has been using Shopify but wants a quick guide that could take them one step closer to success. It’s simple but something that I didn’t think about for a while so hope this comes of value to you!

  1. Goto https://myip.ms/ and put Shopify’s IP Address
    (Could be more then that one but I believe that is the main one 75k+ URL’s on it)

  2. Click other sites on IP:

  3. On the next page Click View All Results under the first table:

  4. Now the search tool pops up and you can search for anything by URL I have an example for health below:

I use this to find competitors mainly and surprises me who is actually using Shopify. Also, If see a store hasn’t been updated in a while I’ll usually reach out to them to see if they would like my services for marketing and E-Commerce. I’m sure you can come up with more uses for this simple tool.

Another way of making use of the internet!

Best Regards,

Evan S.


Great content! Thanks for the share!


We found this little trick 2 years ago and I am surprised that no one talked - or at least I haven’t seen it - about it in the public. Nice share for beginners :slight_smile:


Thank you! and I thought it would be helpful :sunglasses:


Actually, it’s very well known ‘trick’. It’s been talked about this in almost every forum I’m part of and in every FB group where the topic is dropshipping/e-commerce.
I’m surprised that it hasn’t been shared here (just guessing that after reading your comment).


Maybe that is why I didn’t see it. I don’t spend my time in such circles :stuck_out_tongue::innocent:


This is a great eye opener and share, thanks!