Guide to TikTok Verification Requirements

The Guide to TikTok Verification by @Putt

I’ve created this thread to share the newest set of requirements for verifications on TikTok. As with everything I say, this information has come directly to me from a TikTok representative.

Many of you will be aware of the old policy of if you’re verified somewhere else, you’re verified on TikTok. This is no longer the case. TikTok is also currently unverifying a fairly large number of accounts.

In 2021, this is your checklist for verification:


  • Verification on Instagram, Facebook, (maybe) Snapchat
  • At least 500k followers and 7M likes
  • Inherent notability in the offline world
  • You must be a “substantive creator” meaning being popular for dance trends or similar is not acceptable. You need an actual audience, not just ‘TikTok fame’.
  • An account that “uphold TikTok’s values of community and togetherness”; this obviously means sticking within community guidelines but also being a good role model. Trying to skirt around the rules won’t fly.

I’ve submitted quite a few requests via my account manager recently and they are definitely becoming more strict. Agencies that submit large amounts or a low quality of requests will have everything reviewed in great detail. Trusted agencies get more discretion and can push through more ‘borderline’ accounts.

A lot of other agencies that have histories for gaming the system are seeing lots of rejections but my submission seem to be okay.

Happy to answer any questions about TikTok or creator relations / verification on any social media platform.


Thank you for sharing with the community. Please note that you are not allowed to sell services outside of marketplace and that this thread should only be used as informative thread.


Of course. Thank you.

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@Putt Great info! Thanks for sharing! I am new to TT and was curious about the whole verification part, that info is spot on!

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Great informations, thanks for sharing with us :pray: :pray:

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Hi @Putt would you mind PMing me. I have a serious inquiry and would love to speak.