[GUIDE] What to do if your Accounts Don't Phone Verify After Multiple Attempts

We all run into the problem of phone verification one way or another. PVA’s can come from bad proxies, bad accounts, and excessive actions. This is a guide on what to do if your accounts don’t verify after multiple attempts at phone verification on Jarvee.

  1. Get the cookies of multiple accounts that have been running smoothly for a few weeks.
  2. Export them and rename them with the accounts having PVA problems.
  3. Import the cookies of these accounts into the accounts that are having PVAs
  4. Check if you imported the cookies correctly by checking “Edit Profiles” and matching the cookies with the accounts that are running smoothly.
  5. Verify the PVA accounts.
  6. Some accounts will automatically verify after this while other will require you to phone verify the accounts again.
  7. Phone verify the accounts that need to by verified.
  8. Check if they are officially verified by going to the profile on Instagram.

Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


Normally when there is a loop or any kind of situation, I just wait 48 hours and ready to go.

Also find out that login with 4G mobile proxies avoid login loops.