Guys IG you see black? I still see white

Guys but is it still in beta? or I have to wait for the update.

If on ios, update IG app and make sure iphone is on dark mode :blush:

just got it on my android phone this morning. MY eyes are happy

Another racist thread…


Hang on… Just waiting for it…

Action Blocked. Too much enjoyment isn’t allowed here at Instasham. You will now be automatically punished with no recourse. Bright purple screen until 11/10/2076. We do not condone or endorse any form of enjoyment at Instasham.

update ios 13, update IG set black theme ang IG will be black

do you know how to get this on ios 12?

you can’t. dark mode is only for iOs 13 and you have to update your IG after updating to 13 too to get the app to work in dark mode