Gym Music [Headbanger Playlist]

Hey guys I really need some new song/artist suggestions to freshen up my gym playlist and hit some new PRs!

Here’s a list of what I’m working with rn:
Lil Baby
1.5 -21 Savage
Tunnel Vision
I’’m Upset
Mob Ties
Down with the Sickness

Feel free to chime in.

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I love G-eazy’s music. He is also enterpreneur minded.


I used to listen music when training before, but stoped like 2 years ago, I will try to train with music again now lol

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I could never train without music. I’d head back home if I forget my earphone lol

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hahah yea happend to me few times also

Currently my favorite

Anyone here who also listens to hardstyle/hardcore music in the gym?

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I do have one playlist when I’m in that mood.

Brotherhood - Fallbrawl
Destroy Everything - Hatebreed
One More Rep - Austrian Death Machine

Glad to see users in this forum listening to rap. Playlist consists of mostly travis scott and POSSEMOBAP

This is dope mate. Thanks for the share @roy.
Please do not hesitate to share more of this :slight_smile:

I definately can use this in the gym brother.

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True wireless earphones make this so much better!
Got my first pair a couple months back, never fall out when doing cardio or lifting, really helps the experience!

For spotify users, “gym motivation” is a great playlist.

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Two more bangers!!
That’s why I’m a SoundCloud guy :smirk:

Do not hesiatet to enrichen us with your findings. We share similar music taste :muscle::ok_hand:

what about pushing 150 kilos from your chest by this music playing in your ears?

the ultimate headbanger for the gymrat:

DMX - X Gon Give To Ya (Deadpool Song)