Hacked Instagram Account: No Way to Contact Support

I am trying to recover a hacked Instagram account. I only have access to the original email. Instagram provides instructions ( https://help.instagram.com/368191326593075/ ) to recover the account by clicking “forgot password” and then “need more help”.

The problem is, I don’t see “need more help” on my phone. I have an Instagram app on my computer but when I click “need more help” it brings me to the Instagram help center which tells me to repeat the steps I just did.

It seems to me that there should be a form to fill out where I can provide my original email to regain access but I can find it.

Can anyone help?


i have same issue

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Maybe one of these helps?

The skinny of the last link: Go to https://help.instagram.com/368191326593075 from your phone, not a PC

Good luck figuring it out.
I would love to know more about how you got hacked. Not because I want to hack myself but because I want to avoid being hacked!
I’m so afraid people want to take some of my accounts because I own rare usernames.

Well, my account didn’t actually get hacked. I left out some details because I didn’t feel like typing them lol but since you asked…

The account that I am locked out of is a client account. It happened while I was getting everything connected. I always tell my new clients to go into their instagrams settings and confirm that both their email and phone are listed corectly and then to log out of Instagram while I send an acccess code. Apparently the client updated their email at this time but typed it in wrong. Also, they told me their phone number was listed but it wasn’t. When I connected, the code got sent to the wrong email address. And now the client is locked out.

The strange thing here. Even on the clients end they are being asked to enter the security code. Usually, on devices that Instagram already knows, they just need to click “yes it was me”.

Still locked out, no idea what to do.

I like acces there account when they are present, it means if there is an issue they can answer it in a timely and accurate manner

Just keep sending emails to instagram, maybe they’ll reply!

Saw someone post about automating the process so you send an email every 2 hours or so

Go on fiverr and find a script kiddie to create you something that automatically sends emails


brilliant idea

Any update ???