Hacked Instagram tried everything no response

My instagram account is havked and they changed email phone number password everything tried contacting Instagram support for about a week now in many different ways. Trying to submit a request support but keeps taking me to a helpless help center and i want to get it back before the hacker deletes my pictures or whole account anyone can help?

My client had the same issue. Finally got it back after 5 weeks of hassling FB support.

Note, if its restored by IG you’ll never lose your content.

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I was going to try that method but someone tokd ne they will just direct you to contact Instagram support

there is no other way to get the account but to contact IG, you need to fill the form they send then they will ask for a picture of you holding a number and a few other stuff you should send them everything over and over again till you get your account back.

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I just submitted the support request form for your account. I chose “my account was hacked”. You should receive a reply from IG by now. check your inbox/spam folder.

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Really appreciate it bro!

I followed all the steps

what you did was the right thing but that can happen as well, you should keep repeating that process over and over again until you get different results. I know users that we’re able to get their account back even after that last message from IG.

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Does the form have to be submitted again? Because ive continued to send that email pictures but no response

I don’t think resubmitting the form will help. Send the picture once every day and see if you will get a response.

I believe since its automated it will rest it ive emailed then about 10 different pics no response i dont think they will reply unless its submit again

If you have tried everything and you seem to have hit a wall.

Without being affiliated with the service in any way, why don’t you give recap services a chance?

Hit up @HenryCooper or @schoko and hear if they can help.

Now since they are in this game and the service lives of unbanning and getting back accounts, they properly know any possible way to get intouch with FB/IG support.

I hope you manage getting back your account.

Merry xmas and happy new year.