Hacking the productivity

Hi everyone,

I would like to share a few tips for your productivity. I was able to do many tests on myself and advise some friends. So I would like to share this with you and get your feedback. :innocent:

  1. In the morning you will work, the brain is fresh, the toxins have been eliminated during the night. You are ready to succeed. I therefore advise you to start with the most complicated tasks, requiring the most mental resources.

  2. A lot of water you will drink, we all work a lot on computers or smartphones and we need maximum attention. Drinking water improves your attention (https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/263648.php) and will also prevent you from having headaches.

  3. Music you will listen (or not), THE BIG DEBATE. For complicated tasks requiring a lot of mental resources I recommend working with very soft, fluid music or without music. For those who are repetitive tasks that you are used to doing without concentration you can go there haha! :cowboy_hat_face:

  4. A schedule you will do, the day before you write down all the tasks you have to do, many people advise you to make a precise schedule. Nevertheless, I prefer not to set myself a time slot. I ALWAYS start with small tasks, just to start the machine.

  5. In your choices you will limit yourself. That’s why I advise you to do your schedule of tasks the day before. Every choice you make is less mental energy. Establishing a certain routine will therefore be very beneficial, I assure you. :wink:

  6. Your phone will let you go. Try to cut off notifications as much as possible when you perform important tasks. This may seem like a “basic” advice, but it is CLEARLY to be implemented.

And there are many others, I suggest you (as on jarvee by the way), to do your own tests, see what works with you. We are all different and that is what makes our individual strength. :sunglasses:

Have a great day all !

You can share your tips too, it will be a pleasure.



Just wanted to chime in on this point- I find working with music that has no words/lyrics to work great, but music with words/lyrics (singing) are distracting.

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Monotone music is great! :smiley:

Exactly! That’s what I meant by “soft music”. Thank you very much for the precision :blush:

My favorite mix is : Smoke and Study Chill Mix (I don’t smoke but I love this mix :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

And you ? :smile:

Lorn - Anvil is great, but I can work with whatever music is playing when it comes to creative work! :slight_smile:

In general I feel quite comfortable when there’s a lot of noise around me

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I also prefer working while listening to music, I feel weird without it. If not music, then some podcast or sometimes being on calls with other people actually help me (probably what I will do on the next mpsocial meetup, working while listening to your beautiful voices :wink: ).

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I can’t concentrate when I hear something talking all the time in the podcast/background. How about you?


Great tips, thanks! I have tried working with music, but tbh, it’s hard to focus…

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Totally agree. Podcasts are distracting while doing work

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get a face tattoo to completely remove the possibility of getting a 9-5 and force yourself into entrepreneurship


depend on what I’m working on, if it requires a lot of concentration then I can’t, if it’s a monotonous task then time passes faster :slight_smile:

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I usually would play sounds of rain. It helps with concentration.
But the recent heat at Pekanbaru doesn’t help, now I lost all concentration lol.

Hope it’ll rain soon. :frowning:

This is actually my plan when I get REAL rich (but with the half face)

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Haha! It reminds me a punchline from Lil skies that :smirk:

Yes impossible for me too. Only if it is a really basic task :cowboy_hat_face:

its the best to listen to while working keeps me from having wondering thoughts that end up in a wikipedia or youtube wormhole

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Thanks, mom! :smile:

For me it’s counter productive listening to podcasts as well. Some jazz music played at those coffee house are great!

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Great tips. For me I love to throw on some Skrillex and let it rip.