Happy New Decade! Share your two cents please!

Happy New Decade Guys!

As we have started the new decade, it is time to get into action after we have analyzed our past mistakes and have learned our lessons. To start the year right, I have created this thread for you to share your two cents, to drop a note for yourself of your past experiences/ mistakes, and a suggestion of good advice which will benefit everybody.

My lesson from the last decade that applies to myself now and suggestion for the present and future is:

  • Stay off Social Media and YouTube for personal use! It is a huge time waster and influences the brain in a bad, way resulting in me not meeting my goals.

  • Use all means to force me to stay on track by not having a backup option. For example, I have used software to block certain websites for some time and have uninstalled completely Social Media apps from my phone. This will prevent me from wasting my time and will divert my attention and time on forums, books, and podcasts. These are high-value activities that I hope will help me perform better and meet my goals instead of ending up in this endless rabbit hole of scrolling and watching videos.

  • Be conscious about the contents you consume online! As mention previously, one can end up on YouTube to watch a high-value video and can lose self-control and end up in the rabbit hole for hours by watching unrelated content on YouTube which is a timewaster!

  • “The pen is mightier than the keyboard” - Use technology to my advantage, but don’t forget to establish that synchronisation between my brain and my hand by writing and organising thoughts (which in result lead to organising my day/week).

I can just go on but now, these were the things in my mind that I wanted to write down and share with the community. I hope you to share something for yourself and us because it might help somebody. I wish the MP Social Team and the Community of MP Social a Happy New Year! Let’s keep learning, keep sharing, keep calibrating and keep thriving together.

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