Hard temporary block

Today i’ve got an error like that : Hard temporay block detected suspending tool’ for 24hour ,
the temporary block issue i experienced it 3-4 times in last 4 days in the last 3 days i solved it with manual relogin and with pausing account but today nothing helped even on eb manually there is 24hour block

Settings are very slow and randomation is there , nightmode is enabled so i really don’t know where the issue can be . (i don’t think it’s proxy because it’s home ip never flagged and account i’ve done with it yesterday 16 follow no issue)

Yes i have to pause account that’s what the robotic jv support always answer me but when it will happen again i will have to do same thing ove and over ?
i don’t want to blame the software i will not give up i am searching and lerning eveyday about eveything that can help me (best proxy ,account quality,508 error,temporary blocks…)

by error on the account setting i was enabling ‘optimize apicalls to do more action’ while i am using only eb does this lead to temporary block ? because yesterday i’ve made 16follow with no issue that’s why it confuse me

Also does the login logout every x hour contriute to a temorary block of an account cause from what i know it’s purpose is not to clear cookie or something that can push to a block , when i asked jv support they told me it’s ok it don’t affect account (i was doing evey 4-8 hours)

here is screenshots : (btw i am using the follow specific users method and got block
after 1 follow…)

I don’t know what happen … if any new strict Insta update but I received much more HB than usuall on account with the same setup as before.

Probably Insta comes with Christmas presents.

API or EB? 13chars

API FE for me . I had more problems before on EB but it was caused by proxies.

try to implement delays on blocks and on API errors per hour.

yeah but you can relogin 1-2 times per day to avoid AC… wait 3-X days doesn’t help to to lift action block on device

i’m using fully eb but like i said on the setting of accout the option ‘optimize apicalls to do more action’ was enabled do you thin it caused temporary block somehow ?

and what about logout every 4-8 hours i just asked the support they told me it don’t affect account but i saw many tellin it’ risky and caused them block too

I got a 7 day ban hard action block. Wasn’t even going crazy on it. less than 30 follows per hour. I’m new with Jarvee though. Followed a YT video for my settings.

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HB for one day is common even for Manual. Cant do anything just to wait it out. But there are much speculations that this is the bug we are dealing with.

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so it’s not jv issue , cuz i saw on some threads this problem keep happen till this day

i think IG is messing with us all.

i don’t think so , people using custom bots don’t have daily issues like that

No - HB are proven of overcoming the amount of actions being taken. If IG limits that you cannot influence.

Normal ABs are causes of J,custom bots, proxies how ever.

so the hardblock don’t come from the fact that i’ve enabled the logout every 4-8 hour , or because i accidentaly enabled ‘optimize api calls’ , or bcs of a lot of temporary block in short period (yesterday didn’t get block but all the 3days before had 1 temporary block i was forced to mnually relogin with eb)

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Everything you’ve stated its a factor decreasing your overall action limit on a profile.
So the answer is yes and no in the same time.

HB is strictly because action limit has been achieved.

And you are decreasing your action limit with those type of markups.

what do you mean by that , you’re referrin to the daily max follow ? bcs how i can know limit

also i think i have to be positive because if really those thing i said are really participating to this allday everyday temporary block then maye i will have no issue now that i disabled them

Thats the point. You dont know what the limit is. Write down every profile down with each process used and seek for patterns.
Thats trial & error.

ok so in case to make sure this limit stay good i just don’t have to lower it to a point where i can get block after 1 follow , i understand now

also wanna know does havong a low FBR can make this limit lower too ?

man thats 3 to 6 log-outs a day and yet you are asking why you have issues?