Has anyone experienced the ID document verification?

Apparently this is already in place, although i’ve never com across it. I’ve been it with e-mail verification and video selfie verification, but never anything they would ask me for my personal documents. I wonder if since i live in the EU this would even be legal. Do they use this sort of verification for more serious offenses, or simply following too many people can trigger it?


I haven’t across that kind of verification yet, can you share some screenshots that show that exactly and what they ask for.

I haven’t experienced it yet. But on IG’s help website they talk about it. They say they might ask you for ID, passport, etc.

yeah i see, those crazy bastards are getting strict every month/year i don’t know what they are planning but i hope one-day things will get back to normal.

The only thing I got recently was for a video verification

I am not getting it. What are you exactly asking about?