Has anyone had any luck with buyaccs?

I’m trying to buy around 50 Instagram accounts, but there are so many different types of options on https://buyaccs.com/

For anyone who has used this website to buy Instagram accounts which ones do you recommend purchasing?

And if you know of a better website to buy accounts can you list them here. Thank you!


Someone said that they are just reselling batches. Some batches could be nice, and some could be bad


Also interested, a friend buys his accounts there and said they are good… I just bought one though and when sending the code to the email adress to verify nothing at all arrived…

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I paid buyaccs for 2 accs, the paypal payment went through, and when I submitted a ticket on buyaccs about not receiving the accs, I got an email that seems like a bot asking if I were the paypal owner, did I have access to the paypal account, and similar type of questions. Did anyone have a similar experience from this website? How exactly do you purchase accounts from this website? of if there is another website or someone you can recommend instead ?

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A buddy of mine just bought some accs that were good he said… I want to try them out but did not do that yet.

Ehh I have heard mixed results but I wont use them