Has anyone heard of JonathonSpire.com before?

JonathonSpire.com is apparently a review website that reviews many of the top IG growth websites, but I’ve heard it is really a front for them to promote their own various IG growth websites.

He has been leaving some pretty nasty reviews of many of our peer’s websites. It looks like he also owns trustadvisor.io and igreviews.co. Many of the comments left on TrustAdvisor.io look super fake, have no avatar, and were all left at the same time. Hmmmmm, okay…

I get it, it’s business and you gotta do everything you can to get money, but damn, this is as sheisty as sheisty gets, even for our industry.

Anyone else had their business slandered by this fellow?



Jip, he is a scumbag… Trying to snap away some potential clients.


Maybe we need a blog where we can play his own tricks on him? :thinking:


@DTRILLZ you familiar with this dude? He apparently links to your website in his newsletter emails.

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Here is some more information I found:

JonathonSpire.com is a redirect from SpireUSA.com, which is/was owned by Cory Barnes from Boulder, CO.:


Ironically enough, Cory follows @JonathonSpire on Twitter, LOL.

Based on his Linkedin, Cory Barnes currently works at Exxel.com as a Digital Marketing Manager:


Got anything to say, Cory?


Not Cory Barnes.


Do wat dey do



He wrote a so-so review of my site… and there was a nasty comment on it. I tried to create an account on his site to respond to the comment (if it was even real) but couldn’t get an account created. So I emailed him, offered him free service to ACTUALLY review our service, and he never responded.

Yes, I’d assume it’s a competitor. There’s doing what you can to get more clients, but this is shady practice.


Last time I checked the only sites that the reviews actually recommended were all owned by Social Envy and I’d expect that is still the case. I believe some websites which received a false negative review actually threatened legal action and subsequently had their review removed.

Interesting, thank you i’ll give this a try.

i agree with you

How do you know?

It cant be a coincidence that Cory follows @JonathonSpire on Twitter and the SpireUSA.com that is (was) owned by Cory redirects to jonathonspire.com.

How do you explain that?

Maybe own long time ago. Social Steeze by site and many sites to do same thing. I watch site for long time. 8 month now. I see black hat thing they do. Everybody in industry know it Social Steeze. Social Steeze and Social Envy friends. They promote Social Steeze and Social Envy site only. Now they try to cover up. Too late.

How we kno u not Social Steeze try to blame person?

Jonathon (Fake) Spire strikes again! Love the hustle. I know one of the companies below is on MP. Interesting shout out.

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It’s people behind this that screw it up for the rest of us.

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Dudes a piece of :poop:

Ha! He’s def not real. Part of an intricate re-targeting system. Quite effective though.

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Yeah, the power of SEO. We did manage to get our review taken out of the search results using the above method though.

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Never heard of him, but it sounds like I should steer clear of his sites

I will avoid its website and services :grinning:

Lol, this site and others like it are actually run by Ricky Pahl who owned Social Steeze. He was also associated with the guys who were recently sued by Facebook for $10m USD for running social envy. Sooo he’s on the downlow but he’s obviously making money on commission to sites like followadder.