Has anyone here used Hubspot?

Title pretty much says it all. Has anyone here used Hubspot to manage email campaigns. I’m currently running campaigns with a couple of business partners and this seems like an easy place to keep everything organized in one spot. We will be bringing on more and more sales people so this platform seems like a solid place to be able to keep track of metrics (clickthrough, open rate, etc.) while also being able to keep track of OTHER people that may be sending emails on my companies behalf as sales people etc.

I’d love to get input on any tools that others have used for this purpose. I’ve dabbled with mailchimp and similar products.

If you’ve used hubspot what have you liked/disliked?

If you’ve found a better, more inclusive service what would your go to be for managing email campaigns?

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Hubspot is an all in one email marketing, web analytics, CRM and marketing automation platform.

To be honest it is a kind of ‘jack of all trades’ platform but master of none. It does everything to a medium standard but there are better tools for each of these individual platforms.

For email marketing i’d recommend aweber, getresponse, mailchimp and even clickfunnels actionetics. These all provide some good automation. there are definitely other email marketing systems out there i just cant remember the names of them all, but do a google search.

For a CRM you can definitely find better solutions out there. Again use google, it depends on your kind of business. Even freshbooks or pipedrive is good for a small/med business.

For marketing automation … this is something only really used by big corporations since smaller companies do not need it. but you can look at marketo , that is one of the best but it is expensive.

From a feature point of view hubspot is not very good. But maybe the customer support is better i never used it really.

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