Has anyone noticed less comments / discussion on Posts

Hey everyone has anyone noticed overall less real users commenting and having discussion on posts ever since so many users have been spamming the comments and manipulating top comment. Im sure youve all seen the “i got a huge booty” comments, as well as the whole tagging a random account that gets you top comment. I feel like this is kinda ruining the comment section for real users thus making for less discussion on posts.

Real engagement has been dead for a long time.

This is basically Instagram engagement now: https://odditymall.com/tinda-finger-robot


There’s real people on Instagram? :open_mouth:

Oh, and I got a huge booty :peach:


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what i mostly see nowadays


I have to say that tindr robot gif is ingenious. I mean that’s a billion dollar idea right there.


But you can still minimize bot accounts engaging with you by doing this

do not use Popular hashtags when you try to post or just dont use hashtags
do not follow popular accounts/ or just dont follow at all, just your other accounts
only engage with likers/commentors of top posts/usernames
do not like, comment or engage with poplar accounts posts

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I agree. And it’s only getting worse

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I do that but the engagement keeps going down. It’s getting to the point where it’s starting to get ridiculous. 2 years ago I would get 1K ORGANIC likes in the first 60 minutes, with 30K followers. Now with 50K followers it’s a success if I get 1500 likes IN TOTAL. And then Instagram wonders why so many people are looking for shortcuts. Fuck them it’s only their fault. With the results I was getting pre-algorithm there was no reason for me to bot. I started botting when Instagram decided to reduce the reach and I bet many other people did just the same


lol sometimes I wonder…

Haha I asked the folks at Jarvee to look into adding Tinder & Bumble. I think it would huge for clients who are wanting to grow their personal brands

A lot of that stems from the Zuckerberg timeline techniques. Even when I’ve already seen content, because it’s popular it pops up into my timeline all the time suppressing new items from lesser known people I follow. I imagine it’s like that for most people.

So the popular stuff gets more popular, the less popular stuff gets shoved into a corner. That’s why many people use engagement groups and pad their own engagement with their own accounts so that they can eventually get in front of fresh eyes who actually might legitimately enjoy the content.

If timelines were chronological then this wouldn’t be such a mess.

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Very true, and hell even Twitter changed their algorithm to allow feed sorting to chronological, FB/Instagram is basically the only platform I can think of that forces you to view content how THEY WANT YOU TO vs how you would or naturally should view it. Such arrogance and stupidity.

Want to see something when it’s posted? No, sorry, go fuck yourself. We’ll show you a 5 day old popular post instead. Want to see what your friend is up to? You have to remember their account name and look it up.


Exactly. That’s why I say that it’s only their fault.

Definitely noticed a quiet IG over the last week, but it’s Easter the sun is shining (unusual for the UK) and everybody is doing something else. They will come back. In the meantime, only the bots are working.
Also noticed a growing strategy of DMs after you follow someone recommending you go visit someone else’s page. Not new but so many of them right now. Probably need to work on my filtering…

Agree about the feed, my personal account keeps being presented with content I have seen and liked. Feed FUBAR.


Thats what i noticed to. Cant understand it at all. How would showing content twice be good for userexperience as seeing things twice is just boring.

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I get why they’re doing it, I mean we all do, but these are super annoying when they meet all the filters and yet are still spam/child DM accounts. Or people are abusing their clients without their knowledge, being used to send DM’s for their other brands, that could be some shady nonsense.

It’s been soooo bad lately. Why would a legitimate user even want to open the app if they’re constantly seeing old content?

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My accounts are average 2% down on across the board. Here is something ya might be interested in.
Records for me show it was down this time last year to. Ever heard of Easter/Spring break? ugg… repeating it again.
It picks back up in a week or two.

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this is nothing new, it was first used about 2 years ago by telegram groups.
the first time I know it was done was for 500pix photosharing site by russian photographers about 5 years ago

Yeah, think so too, especially with the amazing weather here in Europe right now, noone is at their phone like @Avo said so it makes sense…

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Noticed it on many of my clients accounts, seems to happen (for me) since the 24 hours downtime in march.

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