Has anyone seen or used textnowbot?

I was doing some research and came across this program i thought it could be really good.
apparently you can use unlimited usa numbers to verify accounts if this works i could see how this could work really well with phone validations and account creation for Instagram
i just wanted to see if anyone has used it and its worth the money? link below


Interested in this, anyone have tested it?

Does text now numbers even work for IG These days?


I am using it. Do not believe whatever says on their website.
You can create accounts automatically using the software.
You can create textnow accounts. If you want to create social media accounts, and use textnow as the number, you need to use it manually.
On their website, they claimed:

When I bought and use it, none of the above’s claimed is true. I verified with them.

They lied and now they are not giving me my refund.


Thank you for this addition

Thank you for the reply

But the numbers were HQ? I mean, could you create or verify IG accounts?

I am very interested in this too


Dear Scott,

Did you solve this problem? Because I also want to create mass Instagram accounts linked with phone number.


Did they fix this issues?