Has anyone tried successfully to do 100-150F a day in one session manually for a week?

I know this may sound crazy, but lately on Instagram related forums i’ve been seeing more and more people claiming to be able to do 150f a day manually in one session, like no delay no nothing, just a straight follow non stop without problems, ofc you never hear from this people again after so i never know if they could keep it up for a week or a month, so i’m asking here if anyone tried such thing sucessfully without blocks or getting the account disabled eventually.

I tried 100x3 a day for 2 days. Got blocked today. Lol!
All I can say is don’t go to such extremes. Stay atleast below 50. That was my safe zone.


50f a day in one session or 50 in one session and do 3 sessions a day and 150f in total :grin what kind of blocks you got there, 1 day or 3,7 days ?

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maybe that is possible but i dont think thats safe, we are doing 600 -800 actions daily for our clients which include 200 follow, 200 unfollow, 200 likes and mutes, and so far we are doing great, we are also testing 300 f/u a day on 2 clients from last 3-4 days and so far there is no block maybe thats because we are not doing other actions


Wow, 600 per day !! are you doing this manually or on a bot ? and is it done with time intervals and delays or in one session non stop 200 or 600 actions.

we are doing it manually , we are doing actions in different session, like we dont do more than 30-40 follows in 1 hour


So, you are dividing the actions per hours, but each hour you do all in one session non stop, is that it or with delays?

Thank you for sharing by the way and good luck with your projects ;).

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yes all in one session non stop , we dont add delays between each follow,

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There was a brief period of time (likely while they were making changes to the algorithm) that if you were on 4g in the app, you were able to follow 200 ppl straight and then anything after that they would fall off. You were able to follow 800-1k total as you could do 200f, wait a couple hours, and repeat.

I actually posted on a thread along with screenshots of the account as I was doing it so you could see all 200 were done in a few minutes. From what I heard, it doesn’t work anymore and you’re limited to 50f on new accounts, and then would have to rest before doing it again. From all my test, even when you’re able to get around the block and push the account passed the limits they want… that they’ll just ban the account in 14 days, or give you a 7 day block. So it’s no point in pushing it. In the ban message it says something along the lines of one of the reasons they ban accounts is for excessive following or something like that.

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Thanks for sharing, so what do you think is safe to do currently in one session, 150f a day with 50f per hour in one session ? or even doing this will still get you banned after 14 days no matter what’s your limit and what’s the age of the account new or old.

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Tbh, idk… I haven’t experimented enough with manual following to give you a proper answer. I did that one test on a whim, but for what I use IG for manual work would never work so I didn’t continue testing it.

If I was doing it, I would probably warm the account up progressively, and then start pushing after you get out that warmup window.

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I really wonder what the limit of follows is per day if you do multiple sessions.

I will be opening a journey thread shortly where I grow a brand account manually. My plan is to do 30 follows per hour for 10 hours a day. I am going to scrape a list of 50,000 people I want to follow and follow them one by one deleting them as I go.

Going manually, you can truly optimize everything. You can throw in likes / comments after each follow (meaningful comments - not spin). Obviously, if you’re mass growing accounts this is impossible. But, as this is my own brand account, it’s very doable for me.

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Hmm i see, also a journey like this will be so interesting to follow for people who have small accounts and want to grow their main, so i’m guessing if you are making a specific list of usernames to follow from your phone, this means you will search them one by one and then follow them, which mean you are following with a delay and not in one session non stop, unless you have other tool that allow you to this manually and non stop in one session, you know why i mention this because my main question was about doing it non stop 1 time a day and how will it affect the account in the long run, but again thank you for your reply!