Has anyone tried the one login for all accounts feature?

And have you gotten AC while using it? Do you think it minimizes getting ACs or make it worse (eg when one account gets AC, all the link accounts get ACs too?

I didn’t want to do it so Insta groups all my account. Iam suspicious with them…

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I’m a little confused by what you said. Do you mean IG forced you to group them even thought you didn’t want to?

No. I said Iam afraid to group them all so insta knows that I own all the accounts and maybe do some actions to ban all the account in once if I do a mistake, I prefer using different phones or proxy and not mix them all

Don’t you think that instagram already has enough info to connect them all to you just by having them on the same phone and same network?

I have been concerned about this too but @andbogi makes an interesting point there.