Has Anyone Used AIOSTREAM?

Hey Team

Have any of you used this software?

If so, does it work?


Do you have any other recommendations on growing your Spotify streaming numbers?

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I’m very familiar with this space so here’s my experience with AIOStream.

I tried their service about 2 years ago and never went back. From what I could tell, it’s a scam. The software never ended up deploying correctly and not one customer could get it to work. Support for the product would always defer troubleshooting as “We’ll let our developer know, please wait for updates” and the updates would come, but it never worked. Quickly came to find out the connections were not built correctly for the software itself.

There are a ton of spot software on sale that work, the only issue is spot has increased restrictions and safeguards so it’s temporarily very difficult to get some sort of operation up and going. I would resort to ads, always better that way.

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Thanks very much for your input, I really appreciate it. I did get a very ‘scammy’ feeling from their ads and the lack of a trial of any kind.

Hi, I m actually searching same answerd as your for a customer.

He used Aiostream bot Spotify noticed this because he was not using any proxies.
Now we are looking to make it work using there tools (fingerprints tool).
But we don’t know if it really work. If you find someone who use and have result feel free to share each other.


Thanks for the feedback. I would stay far away from apps like these after additional research.

Hello, I’ve been messing with AIOSTREAM for a few days, I have not got it to do what I want exactly but I have been able to accomplish a few things from their tutorial YouTube videos. The service is alright.

Would be nice to have others that use it share learned info.

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Never heard about thi service