Has anyone used Botproxy?

Just curious if anyone has had experience with Botproxies. Looking to run only 3 accounts on a local cheap proxy

I didn’t try their proxies, but from my experience, it’s best to test proxies from couple of providers and see what proxies are working the best

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Thanks. I’m definitely figuring that out. I’m very thankful for the resources here. Excellent place for usable information.

I checked them. They charge per GB. This can get much more expensive than you expect. And their proxies are datacentre.
You can also look at Blazing seo proxies, most are $1.5 / $2 each, That is $6 for 3 proxies for 3 accounts. That will be much cheaper than Botproxies.
I have a couple of proxies from them. WIth good accounts they work fine.

if those 3 accounts are main accounts I wouldn’t recommend cheap proxies and definitely not datacenter ones, 4G and residential proxies are the best you can have for the main accounts.