Has anyone used SociScraper?

Looking to scrape usernames based upon hashtags…Has anyone used SociScraper? https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/free-username-scraper-for-instagram-twitter-pinterest-tumblr.1044064/page-3

I haven’t used that. I don’t visit BHW anymore, but generally when a thread was closed, unless there was heaps of reputation still going for that member or the service I’d consider it no longer running with expectation of updates or support. Maybe there’s a good website or something, I’m just looking from my phone.

I’ve used IM Risto scraper. It’s good when it works solid but others have also found it can run a bit flakey. Depends how much intense scraping you want to do and how often.

Also Jarvee or softwares like that can do it.

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I downloaded Jarvee, but I couldn’t figure out how to do what I’m doing in particular. Can you advise on how to do it?

Do you have accounts running in Jarvee? If so, in the Follow tool you can scrape and check Send to Extracted Users. Your follow sources would need to be only hashtags and put any filters you want in settings.

Heya quick question
Would it be possible to scrape an account with 800.000 Followers using the IM Risto?

Sure, just with some patience :slight_smile:

ah ok. I didn’t put an account in there yet…so would the account be any page at all or should it be an aged account?

Basically any account that works, aged or not. Aged doesn’t always equate to better. It could be made terribly from a bot years ago and be no good. Or you could make a high quality one on 4G hotspot new which works perfect for this purpose. That’s why I say whatever works

ok. and do I need proxies and all that? or no. I’m used to working in Google where all of that is somewhat important.

Depends how many accounts you’re using on the PC/Server and what you’re doing with them. Maybe share your situation to help determine

Just looking for micro influencers (1k to 10k accounts) in the music (edm specifically) niche.