Has captcha gone too far?

So i got this captcha. For once i had to learn a new thing and use my brains.

I should have clicked verify to see what happened, but i got too carried away and clicked the “give me new captcha”. Looking at the demo, it looks like it has to be lasso-ed to the edge of the sign. If that’s the case, WOW !


Soon they will be asking us to write a sequence of digits on a white sheet of paper with our name under it and the website we are trying to access under. Taking a picture where they can clearly see our face with both hands on the paper. And send it to Google HQ.


God only a shit company would make it’s users do that!

If the sheep is willing to do it, Google sooner or latter will do it.

The next logical step will be … they will play a video of an object, maybe a cat, or a person, and ask you

  • What is in the image
    -A: A human
    -B: A monster
    -C: A dirty old man
    -D: An otaku

And you passed the first stage, but your IP is hardcore spamgate so you got extra hard captcha which leads to another captcha.

  • what is it trying to do?
    -A: Peeing
    -B: Shitting
    -C: Cussing
    -D: Trolling

Oh man the otaku part has me rolling.

I can’t stop grinning :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Good that i got that part automated already :smiley:

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no matter what they do there will always be humans doing captchas for very cheap :slight_smile:


Yeah it’s seriously unreal right now. When browsing in tor on some website I have to solve 4-5 captchas until I get access to the page. WTF!!!


I don’t even think they make it harder to prevent spam. As stated above, some people will always sell a service to do it for cheap.
They are training some kind of AI with the results of the captchas. Google has some impressive things going on, let’s see what they will do next!

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