Hashtag Directory on Instagram? What is this

Hey everyone,
I was on a profile, scrolled down to the bottom and noticed it said “hashtags”. I clicked it.

and then I suddenly came to this page:

Anyone know exactly what this is or the function of it?


There are a bunch of them, it’s a mystery https://mpsocial.com/t/weird-instagram-site-instagram-directory-profiles/37246

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It’s for Instagram’s SEO. Or it used to be.

Click on any number, then click on any number again, and then finally click on any hashtag. Now look at the UTM metrics in the URL.

I think it’s basically just creating a pseudo-tree structure on the website comprising of these hashtags, and then every individual hashtag page leads back to the main hashtags page from the footer, spreading the juice.


I love this forum :slight_smile: Landed on that strange page today… and here I am being told what it is :slight_smile:

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Couple of questions here.

  1. Why doesn’t IG remove this directory altogether?
  2. Is it “up-to-date”?
  3. Is it “exhaustive”, e.g. every possible hashtag is in there?

Wondering whether it might be useful for hashtag research automation…