Hashtag impressions showing up in Other category?

Hi everyone -

I am looking to purchase an account that is showing great growth. However, when the account user shared the Insights with me on several of the latest posts, I did not see the “Hashtag” category underneath where the Impressions were coming from.

Instead I noticed very large impressions underneath the “Other” category. The account user is claiming that the growth is due to hashtag rankings and that the Hashtag impressions are being shown under the Other category.

Is it possible that Hashtag impressions would show up in the Other category, or should I be suspicious? Thanks for your help!

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that sounds way to sketchy. I haven’t has Hashtag impressions show up in the other category. Is the account private?

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No it’s a Business account. It’s at 37k followers and is growing at like 300-400 new followers a day. Has great engagement, comments appear genuine, and the user said no automation was used to grow the account.

Is it okay if i share the account name here or is that not allowed?


Normally Hashtags never show up in the “other” category, sounds pretty suspicious to me…

pretty sure you can!

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I would be suspicious at the very least.

It costs me 1$ for 2000 impressions for post. Very easy to fake this stuff.

Now I might be wrong here. But Only accounts that are shadowbanned do not display ‘hashtags’.

Which could mean… All the engagement is fake…

Again, take it with a grain of salt, I may be wrong. But I have 12 acc shadowbanned and all of them stopped saying hashtags and it did previously.

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Thank you for your response, that was very helfpul.

Curious about the multiple shadowbans. Do you think IG will shadowban all accounts together that are on the same IP? I recently bought an account that was shadowbanned and I’m worried that it will cause IG to shadowban my other accounts now.

never heard of that happening but maybe some more experienced users can chime in.

it’s best to run 1 account per ip unless you are using raw mobile proxies

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Nah normally it won’t affect them, I had on the same ip one of my mains shadowabnned while the other was not


Is this a rule even if we are not running bots? I have 5 accounts logged in on my phone because that’s what the app allows, wasn’t aware that I should only be using 1

Gotcha, thanks bud

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I second @StayStyled here. Won’t happen most likely, but if it’s Datacenter proxy - you never know. Will be good on mobile.

Shadowban usually happens after using banned hashtags or Phone verification.

Sounds slightly fishy but could be legit for all I know. It also depends on the seller, if it’s a reputable one