Hashtag ranking monitor

Can anyone recommend a tool or website for being able to monitor an account with a list of hashtags and be able to

a) Determine if the photo was placed in the hashtag
b) If the photo made top 9 (and for how long if possible)

Ideally I’d prefer a tool that does both but either one would be useful for me.


There used to be one that worked really well but it hasn’t worked in a while, not sure if it’s still possible.

iconosquare I think does all of that

It does but only a few hashtags per account and is ridiculously expensive. I do appreciate the response but I’m hoping for something that allows me to scale without costing thousands a month for something so simple.

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with later.com you can do that i think but paid ofc their free plan include only basic stuff but limited tho

As I recall, Instagram made some huge updates to their API a year ago. The base was that they really dropped the limit on how much stuff can be done with it, so most companies don’t offer anymore to search the hashtag you want and repost stuff of it, or to monitor hashtags and see which posts perform better on it. Basically anything that involves hashtags. Those that do offer hashtag searches and stuff are limited on queries. And expensive.

I understand your premise but reject the resolution. At the end of the day this can all be done via mass scrapers with their own API accounts and even straight up web scraping. I would agree doing it all via a single account’s API would be tough and limiting which eliminates one-off tools but a more robust solution shouldn’t be that complicated.

But if companies like iconosquare are the only available solution I might just pay a dev to build one out for me.