Hashtag Reach 0 and no idea why

Hello everyone!

I am an Artist with 12k followers, I post twice a day (and around 7 storys) and got 20-30 daily organic growth. I use Hashtastic and a 28 ladder system for my hashtags. I change 2-4 hashtags per post according to topic.

So here is the big problem: I have zero reach from hashtags … on valantines day i used a banned hahstag (#valantenines … omg) and got the same but I was back to normal after a week.

Now I got zero reach again from hashtags and I do not know why at all.

This is super frustrating when growing organicly and putting work/effeort into it daily.

I think without these setbacks I could reach a hundred followers daily and more.
I just want to understand what I am doing wrong. Any ideas?

How many likes are you getting by post usually ? and are you using those big hashtags which are used million of times ? due to the size of your account, 90% of the hashtags you use need to be medium hashtags which been used between 50k and 800k times then you will get your hashtag reach, likes and impressions.

Hey Joseph!

I get 500-1,5k. - also depending on whether I get reah from hashtags or not.
I am using a mix of hashtags. Got a few up to 100k, then some up to 500k and a few around 1m.

Thanks for the tip of focusing more on medium size hashtags to see if that helps.

But the thing is that I got literally none (15-20) from hashtags in a certain period.